The Real Reason Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson Divorced After Just 122 Days

The name Robert James Ritchie may not necessarily ring a bell in the minds of entertainment fans but Kid Rock rings in high volumes. Rock is what many may call Jack of all trade as he is an actor, singer, rapper, record producer, songwriter, and versatile instrumentalist all at the same time. He is well known for his unique mix of country, rock and hip hop genre in creating his music. The American celebrity’s career has featured about eleven albums in a space of 20 years which is quite impressive. Aside from his burgeoning career, he is also much talked about for his marriage and divorce with Pamela Anderson. Here are hard to find details about Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson’s divorce story.

Kid Rock’s Relationship Life

As the multifaceted entertainer’s career progressed he attracted attention to himself not just for his works but also for his dalliance with numerous ladies. However, amongst the lot, he only had one legitimate child with Kelley Russell. The duo had a son in 1993 whom they named Robert James Ritchie Jr. but there were also 2 other kids that Kelly had for Kid Rock however it was later revealed it was only Ricthie Jr. that was his. This brought an end to their relationship and Rock had to take full custody of his son.

Fast forward to 2001, the American rapper who has been in several relationships met the popular American-Canadian actress and asked her out. After dating for a while, Rock proposed to Pamela but their relationship first hit the rocks in 2003 which was barely a year after their engagement. Their love was rekindled in 2005 and around July 2006, they got married. The talented actress got pregnant for Robert but sadly, it ended up as a miscarriage.

After the miscarriage which happened in November 2006, the marriage never remained the same. Barely three weeks after the miscarriage, Anderson approached the Los Angeles County Superior Court to request for a divorce. However, despite many attributing the divorce between Kid Rock and Pamela as typical of celebrity marriages, the real reason behind the divorce has been a major topic for discussion. Read on as we find out what led to the sour end of what seemed to be like a match made in heaven.

The Real Reason Kid Rock And Pamela Anderson Divorced After Just 122 Days

The first cause of the divorce which was presented to the Los Angeles County Superior Court cited the main reason as irreconcilable differences. Well, this is typically the reasons couples give to hide the main reason behind their divorce. When Kid Rock was asked to speak concerning the reasons behind the marriage annulment, he claimed it was mainly because Pamela had (in front of his son- Ritchie Jr.) criticized his sister and mother. This revelation was not bought by many and some theorists went ahead to tie the divorce to events which occurred after the release of the 2006 movie titled, Borat which featured the couple.

The movie, Borat, was a huge box office hit grossing over $262 million on a budget of about $18 million. It received widespread praise from critics and movie fans all over the world.
However, an interview featuring Sacha Baron Cohen on The Last Laugh podcast which was broadcasted on The Daily Beast, many new facts pertaining to Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson’s divorce were released. Cohen revealed that the Canadian actress had told her that her husband Kid Rock did not like the movie at all and they had heated arguments about it before he eventually requested a divorce. Cohen also reported that he was quite shocked to hear that the marriage was to be annulled on grounds of the movie.

The divorce suit was filed sometime in November 2006 and then it became clear that something went wrong on the movie. However further revelations which later sprung up showed what may have been signs of infidelity as Rock found out that his wife had been getting advances from Borat Sagdiyev, the film lead star. It was reported that on the set of the movie production, Rock yelled at Pamela saying that she had disgraced herself.

The movie premiere was on November 3, 2006, and that same month, Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson finalized their divorce on November 27, 2006, barely three weeks after the film was released. This proved and confirmed that the movie had caused a rift in their marriage. What seemed like a perfect union suddenly became sour just because of a movie came as a surprise to many who were fans of the couple. It has been 12 years since their marriage met its sad end and we know for certain that both Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson have since moved on.

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