The Rose Members Profile, Facts and Everything You Need to Know

The traditional path to the creation of a typical group musical act in South Korea is well established. An established entertainment company goes in search of members for a new band, they train them over a couple of years and then announce them to the world via an interview, reality show, social media and so on. All four members of The Rose have a creation story that is anything but traditional.

Park Do-joon, Kim Woo-sung, Lee Jae-hyeong, and Lee Ha-joon were already an independent boy group before they signed to J&Star Company in 2016. However, it was after they signed to the company that they started to achieve mainstream success. On August 3, 2017, The Rose made their debut with the release of their single “Sorry.” Since then, the band has bloomed. They’ve released a couple of albums and have headlined concerts in Seoul, and internationally in Europe, USA, Mexico, and Australia among others. Find out more about them below.

Who Are The Members of The Rose?

1. Kim Woo-sung (Woosung/Sammy)

Known as Sammy when he is on stage, Woosung is the oldest member of the group. He was born on February 25, 1993. Even though he was the last person to join the group, he is the leader of the pack, while also serving as lead vocalist and guitarist. Besides being a member of The Rose, Woosung is also jostling an additional career as a solo artist. He debuted his solo music project, Wolf, on July 25, 2019.

2. Park Do-joon (Dojoon/Leo)

He is just a couple of months younger than Woosung and is the main vocalist for The Rose. He also plays the keyboard for the outfit. Dojoon is a native of Busan but spent about 5 years of his life in New Zealand. The musician recalls that his time there were some of the best moments of his life. Park Do-joon loves sport and plays golf and soccer. He is better at speaking English than standard Korean. Before he became a member of The Rose, he had a stint with DSP Media and has also appeared in a television drama titled Entertainer.

3. Lee Ha-joon (Hajoon/Dylan)

In terms of age, Hajoon comes in right after Dojoon. The Gwangju native was born on July 29, 1994. For The Rose, Lee brings his drumming skills to the table. However, he is also a vocalist and rapper for the group. Hajoon loves to tell jokes, even though he and other members of The Rose agree that he is really bad at it. He has stated that one of his favorite musicians is ‘s Taeyeon and that he would love to work with her sometime in the future.

4. Lee Jae-hyeong (Jaehyeong/Jeff)

Lee is a multi-instrumentalist: he plays the bass for the band and also plays the violin. He is the maknae of the group. He is a native of Pohang but was raised in Samcheong in Gangwon-do. Before The Rose and J&Star, Jae-hyeong had a time when he worked as a waiter. He also underwent surgery at some point in his life due to issues with his lungs. The musician is a die-hard Coldplay fan. He has also appeared in the dramas Entertainment and Six Love Story.

Facts Everyone Needs To Know About The Rose

1. The Rose started out with busking and social media

Do-joon and Jae-hyeong are considered the brains behind the birthing of The Rose. Before any form of success, the two were playing music on the streets, entertaining passers-by. It was during this time that they met. However, Do-joon—who was a trainer at DSP Media at the time—couldn’t dedicate as much time as Jae-hyeong would have liked to busking.

Shortly after, Jae-hyeong met Ha-joon at a studio and they teamed up and started searching for a third member. Do-joon left DSP in late-2015 and became the third member of the group. Under the name Windfall, the trio began busking together and posting music covers on their YouTube channel. Woo-sung came is as the final member, thanks to Do-joon who knew him through a mutual contact. The quartet signed to J&Star Company in 2026 and changed their name to The Rose.

2. The band named themselves ‘The Rose’ for a very intentional reason

Unlike most K-pop bands, The Rose members function differently. They are more fluid in their operations and music. The decision to change their name from Windfall to The Rose was a way of reflecting that fluidity.

They figured that roses come in different colors which show the multi-faceted nature and variety of the band. Also, roses are beautiful, which also shows their fans that whatever kind of music they produce will be beautiful and rich, regardless of genre.


3. The Rose functions like a Democracy

The band retains an unconventional right and ability to exercise their creative freedom in writing their lyrics and producing their own songs unlike most bands in their clime. While on their US tour, the band had an interview with Billboard where they stated that they would not have the group function any other way.

During the interview, they revealed that every member of The Rose had equal voting power: what this means was that they all had to agree on every aspect of every song before it could be released. This synergy is the biggest thing that keeps them going.

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