The Ups and Downs of Jason Garrett’s Coaching Career, Family and Relationship With Jerry Jones

Like many before him, Jason Garrett tried his hands at more than one sport before settling for football. The former football quarterback had an eventful playing career, turning out for seven NFL teams from 1989 to 2004. Following his retirement as a player, the Pennsylvania native has served in various capacities as a coach for teams he played for like the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys. His first responsibility as a head coach came in 2010 when he replaced Wade Phillips as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. The following are highlights of his journey as a coach, details of his family life, and what have you.

Jason Garrett’s Career Journey as a Coach

No one can accuse Jason Garrett of being a coach without a clue. He began his career as an offensive coordinator and assistant coach for the Dallas Cowboys, eventually working his way up to head coach. Garrett is the first former Cowboys player to serve as the team’s coach and the 8th head coach in the team’s history.

Throughout his tenure with the Cowboys, Garett has guided the team to several conference victories and established them as the best offensive lineup in the NFL. His wonderful efforts with the team have led to him being regarded as one of the best coaches in the league. However, his reign has not been without issues. Dallas Cowboys fans and pundits have called for Garrett’s sack nearly every single season since he took on the coaching mantle in 2010. The desire to see Garret fired as head coach gained renewed energy in the 2019 season, which has seen the team achieve less than commendable outcomes.

The Cowboys have gone from being Superbowl contenders to struggling to make the Playoffs and both fans and management are not too happy about this. At the moment, Garrett is in the final year of his $30 million five-year contract extension, so his future with the Cowboys is once again up for debate.

As the regular season draws to a close, Jason Garrett has a real shot at keeping his job if he secures the NFC East Division title. Granted his coaching career has had its fair share of ups and downs, but it’s worth remembering how far he has brought the Cowboys, and how much farther he may yet take them if given the time.

How His Relationship with Jerry Jones Started

Since Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones hired Garrett to serve as offensive coordinator in 2007, the two have built a great rapport. It is no secret that Jones adores his head coach. He has stood resolutely behind Garrett, showering him with effusive praise and commendation much to the chagrin of Cowboys fans.

Their friendship has been well-documented in the media. The relationship between the two has been blossoming since the 90s when Garret was still playing as a backup quarterback for the Cowboys. In fact, his long-standing relationship with Jones is one of the major reasons why Jason Garrett has managed to keep his job at the helm of the Cowboys for this long despite his shortcomings.

Both fans and critics alike have criticized the relationship between Jones and Garrett, claiming that it reeks of favoritism and nepotism. Garrett was promoted to interim head coach without having any prior coaching experience and has continued to receive more runway than other coaches with comparable resumes.

Jerry Jones has failed to comment on whether or not Jason Garrett will keep his job as head coach of the Cowboys after his contract runs out. Given their history, he may extend another contract to his good friend if Garrett manages to end the season on a somewhat good note.

All About The Family of Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett is not the only prominent member of his family. He is one of eight children born to Jim and Jane Garrett. His father is a former football player for the New York Giants, as well as a former NFL assistant coach and scout for teams like the Cleaveland Browns, New Orlean Saints, New York Giants, and Dallas Cowboys.

He has four sisters and three brothers named Jennifer, Jane, Janine, Jill, Jim, Judd, and John. All the Garrett boys played professional football for the World League of American Football, however, only Jason managed to make it to the NFL. Similarly, all the Garrett brothers have followed in their father’s footsteps, serving as football coaches at various levels.

How He Met His Wife

Jason is married to fellow Ivy-leaguer, Brill Garrett. They met while taking the same freshman Geology class at Princeton University. Their relationship blossomed throughout college, culminating in them exchanging vows in 1994.

Brill is a literary activist and lawyer, having obtained a law degree from Harvard. She maintains a very low profile and does not have any social media accounts. Brill and Garrett have been happily married for about two and a half decades, and they have no children.

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