The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere Release Date, Cast & Plot

The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere Release Date, Cast & Plot

AMC’s horror drama series, The Walking Dead tells the story of a post-apocalyptic Atlanta, Georgia, after the onset of a worldwide zombie apocalypse. It centers on the zombies, also known as walkers as they target humans and other creatures to eat them, as well as focuses on the series protagonist, sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes who leads a group of survivors as they try to sustain and protect themselves against attacks by walkers as well as rebuild civilization.

The tale also explores the survivors and the various cities they flee to, to escape attacks by the zombies. Rick fought many of the villains of the cities alongside his group. After the All Out War and defeat of Negan, under an alliance of communities spearheaded by Grimes, the series shift focus to the united communities as they face obstacles and dangers both outside and inside their alliance, with the threat of new antagonists.

TWD has birthed some franchises and spinoffs including a live after-show, Talking Dead which premiered on the network in 2011 and features host Chris Hardwick who discusses the latest episode with the show’s fans, actors, and producers. Others include webisodes such as Torn Apart (2011), Cold Storage (2012), The Oath (2013), and Red Machete (2017) as well as a companion series to TWD, Fear the Walking Dead. The series premiered in 2013 and is currently in its fifth season.

The Walking Dead has been a critical success and it is currently in its ninth season. The plot is well-paced and executed with precision by a brilliant cast who is an enjoyable and intriguing watch. However, with the series’ dwindling ratings, it leaves many wondering if there would be a tenth season.

The Walking Dead Season 10

Season 9 of The Walking Dead was renewed by the ABC network for a 16-episode run in January 2018 and premiered on October 7, 2018. The opener paid tribute to one of its stars, Scott Wilson, who played Hershel Greene. He died just days before the premiere from leukemia. Season 10 has not been officially confirmed yet and with the ongoing season bringing in the lowest rating since season 2, it leaves the future of the series in the hands of uncertainty.

That notwithstanding, showrunner from seasons four to eight, Scott Gimple is still very much optimistic about the series. While many think The Walking Dead’s best days are behind it, he reckoned that it could run for 20 years, and possibly rival American’s longest-running sitcom, The Simpsons as he told NY Daily News in 2017. If his statements are anything to go by, then the series would not only return for a new season but would be on our TV screens for a long time. Series writer and executive producer, Angela Kang took over the role of showrunner and Gimple is now the chief content officer.

Although key cast members seem to be on their way out, further clues about an eventual season 10 could be taken from fan favorites, Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Melissa McBride (Carol) who have signed on for a further 3 years. Moreover, in 2014, executive producer David Alpert said that the original comics have given them enough ideas for Rick Grimes to last the next seven years. Also, the network is all in on the franchise and has plans to continue the show for at least another decade as stated by Josh Sapan, the AMC CEO in September 2018. The plans include new films and TV series based on the original comic book series.

Moreover, Kang said in November 2018 that works on season 10 are already in progress. The season hopes to see the return of Maggie (Lauren Cohan).

The Walking Dead Plot

The plot will depend highly on how The Walking Dead season nine finale ends. One thing that would probably be around in the tenth season is the Whisperers who were added in the latter half of the ninth season. Led by Alpha, the group is a roving group of killers who show no mercy in killing their prey. To stay alive, they dress in masks and suits made from the dead in order to blend in with walkers. The community fights against this group who would undoubtedly play a huge role not only in the second half of season 9 but potentially in season 10.

The Walking Dead Release Date, Premier

Going by the previous seasons’ pattern, the tenth season will likely debut in October 2019 with at least 16 episodes, as well as mid-season breaks which were introduced to the show in season 2 when the number of episodes was upped from 6 to 13.

The hiatus often begin in late November or early December, returning in the early months of the following year and season 10, when it happens, could follow the same schedule. Also, an official announcement of the season is expected to be imminent as its predecessor’s return was announced on January 13 in 2018.

Who Are The Walking Dead Season 10 Cast?

A good story and incredible producers without equally exceptional cast members to bring it to life would no doubt turn out grim. Nevertheless, The Walking Dead boasts of a good original story as well as incredible cast members.

Due to the expansive nature of Robert Kirkman’s comics and the many players that are a part of his mythology, the cast of TWD is a rather large one. The last five seasons features approximately 18 series regulars and for season 10, when it happens, is not expected to be less although the fate of many of the core characters ahead of the 10th season remains unknown as season 9 continues.

That notwithstanding, here are the few major cast members and their various characters.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere Release Date, Cast & Plot

Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln has been a mainstay on The Walking Dead. He was a former deputy sheriff but after he woke up to a world ravaged by zombies, he fights to save himself and other survivors who he eventually began to lead. After much speculations about his exit from the show, it was finally confirmed in the fifth episode, What Comes After of season 9 that the current run would be his last.

Although his character would not return for a 10th season, Lincoln would reportedly be back to direct an episode of the show. Moreover, being an interminable being, Grimes and Lincoln will appear in a series of movies that is expected to explore events related to his character in the future, according to AMC and TWD’s creative team. The first of the films is expected to begin production in 2019.

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Green

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Lauren Cohan who joined the series as Maggie Green, the eldest daughter of the Greene family headed by Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) in the second season is another character to reckon with. She became the leader of the Hilltop Colony and often butts head with Grimes but just like Rick, she would also depart the show. She only appeared in the first five episodes of the ninth season due to other commitments.

However, unlike Grimes, her character will not be killed off but has been wrapped up for the time being and may likely return in the future.

Danai Gurira as Michonne

The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere Release Date, Cast & Plot
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From season 3, Black Panther’s Dania Gurira joined the show as a fierce, katana-wielding woman, Michonne who ultimately joins Rick’s group. Besides that, she also became Rick’s romantic partner and a mother figure to his son, Carl (Chandler Riggs) who later died in Season 8.

Alanna Masterson as Tara Chambler

The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere Release Date, Cast & Plot

After the Governor (David Morrissey) was killed in season 4, Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson) a former police academy student and his former member joined Rick’s group and serves as a primary supply runner from season 5.

Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter

The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere Release Date, Cast & Plot
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Josh McDermitt’s character, Eugene Porter is loyal to Negan and The Saviors in exchange for an easier life at The Sanctuary, after they killed his partners. He claims to know a cure for the walker virus and though cowardly and inefficient, when dealing with the zombies he is very smart.

Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa

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Initially a recurring character in season 4, Serratos was upped to series regular in season 5. She is a tough, focused, and very capable survivor and also Abraham’s (Michael Cudlitz) girlfriend.

Seth Gilliam as Gabriel Stokes

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Father Gabriel Stokes joined the series in season 5 as the unsuspecting saving grace for Rick Grimes and the groups upon their escape from Terminus. He lacks the experience of walkers and was possibly the least likely of the group members to survive the apocalypse, yet, he braved all odds and though he struggles with his faith in the new world, he became both a spiritual leader and a valuable warrior.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

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Talk tyranny, talk Negan. The psychopathic, bat-wielding, skull-bashing bad guy and leader of the Saviors is portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He is also an excellent act in Brad Peyton’s adaptation of the Rampage video game franchise as Agent Harvey Russell opposite Dwayne Johnson.

Khary Payton as Ezekiel

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Khary Payton is becoming synonymous with comic characters. Known as DC Comics character, Cyborg across various films, cartoons, and video games, he is also popular for his stellar voice-over roles.

Payton plays Ezekiel, The Walking Dead’s very own King. He heads a community known as the Kingdom and was a former zookeeper who has a pet tiger called Shiva. She sacrificed herself to save her master against the zombies during a face-off in the Some Guy episode of season 8.

Samantha Morton as Alpha

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The Last Panthers star, Samantha Morton was cast as Alpha in the first half of season 9 as the main villain of the show going forward. She leads the group of killers, Whisperers who disguise as walkers to escape attacks from them.

While some key characters left the show in season 9, others like Sonequa Martin-Green as the late Sasha Williams were brought back while many others were promoted to series regular. They include Alden (Callan McAuliffe) and Siddiq (Avi Nash).

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