Is Sean Berdy Deaf, Dating Or Married? Who Is His Girlfriend, Wife?

Is Sean Berdy Deaf, Dating Or Married? Who Is His Girlfriend, Wife?

Success is not only meant for people who are born without any form of hearing condition. There are thousands of celebrities out there who rose to stardom while struggling with hearing loss. In Hollywood, a list of popular deaf actors would be incomplete without Sean Berdy, the hunk who wowed international audiences in the widely acclaimed movie, Switched at Birth.

Berdy began his journey to greatness at a young age. At the time, he used to put up impromptu comedic shows together with his younger brother on his parents’ bed. Seeing the joy his performance brought to his parents and friends, he decided to develop himself in order to become a great performer in the entertaining world.

The actor made his first movie appearance in 2005 as a deaf boy in the movie The Sandlot 2. The following year, he was cast as Trey in Eric Allen Bell‘s movie Bondage’. His other acting credits include The Deaf Family (2008), The Legend of the Mountain Man, Switched at Birth wherein he portrayed the fictional character Emmett Bledsoe, who was deaf in the movie.

To date, Switched at Birth is considered his biggest project in Hollywood. The same movie has also earned him the prestigious DeafNation Inspiration Award for Entertainment as well as huge followership across the world due to the impact his role left in the deaf community.

Sean has also starred in a good number of commercials. He often delivers motivational keynote lectures and has done an on-camera ASL performance on the animated film: Ice Age: Continental. His ASL version of ‘Hero’ has so far garnered more than 1 million views on YouTube. The young celebrity is currently working on launching his own show called ‘The Sean Berdy Show’, which he said would feature his skits, stand-up comedy, and life stories. His total assets and worth are estimated at $2 million.

Sean Berdy Bio

The Hollywood budding actor was born into a Jewish Catholic family on 3rd June 1993, in a place called Boca Raton, which is situated in Florida, in the United States.

The names of his parents are Terrie Berdy (mother) and Scott Berdy (father). His mom is of Irish ancestry while his dad has Russian roots. The two are deaf also. Sean has a younger sibling called Tyler Berdy, who is also deaf.

Sean began his academic career at Indiana School for the Deaf. While he was in his sophomore year, he registered for a nationwide competition during which he won the title of Mr. Deaf Teen America. Following the victory at the competition, Berdy was sponsored to travel around the country to spread awareness for deaf people. He later completed his high school education career in Southern California.

Is Sean Berdy Deaf, Dating Or Married? Who Is His Girlfriend, Wife?
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While in school, the 5 feet 10 inches comedian/director/actor/film producer/author performed with the institution’s performing arts touring group called Vibrations. Berdy has also interpreted king of pop Michael Jackson’s song ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ at many places across the country with the American Sign Language (ASL). These performances are today major hits on the internet, including on YouTube.

Is Sean Berdy Deaf?

Yes, Sean Berdy was born deaf. That is why he uses the American Sign Language (ASL) in all the movies he has starred in. Interestingly, Berdy’s hearing condition has never posed a threat or challenge to his dreams. Right from birth, he has always wanted to be an international figure. He has participated in several activities such as singing with the choir, embarking on tours with musical groups, and performing magic, as earlier mentioned.

Sean’s greatest joy is the fact that he has been able to impact lives with his shows and roles in the movie industry. According to him, he’s grateful that people are beginning to learn how to do some sign language from his shows as well as other things that are meaningful.

During the World Deaf Magicians Festival that took place in St. Petersburg, Russia, some time ago, Sean emerged as the winner of the top award for young magicians.

Is He Dating or Married? Who Is His Girlfriend, Wife?

The star actor could possibly be single. Apart from the fact that he is still too young to start a family, he has never been romantically linked to any girl in Hollywood or outside the entertainment.

Ever since Sean skyrocketed to stardom, the media has linked him to many girls but the young and good-looking actor has never confirmed dating any girl in the past or present. He may have had some on-screen relationships with ladies, but in real life, Berdy is flying solo. So, as long as marriage is concerned, the Hollywood hunk is yet to tie the knot. He has neither been married nor has he had any children.

We all know that Sean Berdy has everything it takes to be a wonderful husband and that many girls are absolutely in love with him due to his good looks and acting skills, we can establish that he is not married or dating, he has no girlfriend or wife – the actor is waiting for the right time.

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