What Is Tia Torres Net Worth From Pit Bulls & Parolees And Villalobos Rescue Center?

Tia Torres would be a perfect example of people who turned their hobbies into a career and are earning pretty well from it. Torres’ love for animals is something she got from living with her stepmother; it began with her love for horses while she was still an infant. Before anyone realized it, she had begun picking stray pets and bringing them back home. Back then, no one would have thought her love for animals would build her such a successful career. It has also paved a way for her TV career as she is the presenter of her own show Pit Bulls & Parolees, one of the most famous animal reality shows which airs on Animal Planet. Find out Tia Torres’ net worth from the much-talked-about reality show.

Tia Torres’ Career Achievements

It is difficult to pinpoint how long Tia has been in the business of caring for pets as it is something she has been doing since she was a little girl. Torres worked as a truck driver for a while before she then served in the United States Army as a truck driver for the infantry. After she left the Army, she started working as a youth gang counsellor.

While Jon Stewart was still the presenter of The Daily Show, Torres made an appearance on the show which was aired on September 24, 2014. On The Daily Show, Torres revealed to had over 400 dogs taking shelter in her Villalobos Rescue Center.

At the time Tia Torres opened up the Villalobos Rescue Center, it functioned as a rescue home for wolves. She later started taking in Pit Bulls and named her first pitbull Tatanka. Tia and Tatanka had their first encounter when Tia was at the Los Angeles Animal Shelter for a meeting. Tia came to the shelter with her daughters and witnessed Tatanka being bundled into a kennel. Tatanka caught Tia’s emotions when it broke loose and ran to play with her daughters. That gesture was what made Tia adopt Tatanka and considered adopting more pit bulls despite restrictions against the adoption of pit bulls in California where she resided. From that moment onwards, she has continued to rescue two of society’s cast out canines, Wolves and Pit Bulls.

Aside from securing the state of California rights to adopt Wolves and Pit Bulls, she owns the biggest Pit Bulls animal shelter in America. It is at Villalobos Rescue Center that she keeps her rescued canines. The Villalobos Rescue Center became operational in the 1990s. Before then Tia worked as a contracted dog trainer for the Los Angeles Animal Services for about a decade.

Her caring nature for pit bulls has since created a new career path for her, as a reality TV star. She is the presenter of the reality TV show Pit Bulls & Parolees which has aired for 14 seasons on Animal Planet.

What Is Tia Torres Net Worth From Pit Bulls & Parolees And The Villalobos Rescue Center?

Tia Torres may not have received any award yet for her contribution in the animal circle, it is certain that she has achieved quite a lot for herself. A bunch of Tia’s income comes from her work as the presenter of the reality TV show Pit Bulls & Parolee even though details of her earnings from the show is not yet revealed. The animal caregiver and TV personality also earns partly from her Villalobos Rescue Center, which is a home or the rehabilitation of lost or abused animals.

While it is not known how much it cost for one to adopt each canine animal in Villalobos, information from their official website puts adoption fee for a pitbull at $300. As of 2014, the rehabilitation center had about 400 rescued dogs and it is believed that part of the reasons why Torres and her husband relocated the rescue center to New Orleans, Louisiana was for expansion purposes.

Tia has earned from several means over the years. She earned from working as a dog trainer for the state of Los Angeles Animal Shelter. She also earned working as a truck driver for the United States Army. Tia’s net worth, at the moment, has been revealed to be about $300,000.

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