The Weird Life and Tragic Death of GG Allin

Ever heard of a musician who defecated on stage? GG Allin did that and more in his all so controversial life. From ‘shitting’ on stage to performing with his body covered in blood, Allin, the proudly disgusting and enigmatic rock figure took rock music to a level that can never be attained (literally, never) by anyone else. If there is anything more than strange, GG wanted to be that and lived his whole life working towards being just that.

To those who watched him perform, he was everything crazy and dangerous but to GG, he was just getting started on his journey to sordidness as he always felt that he never reached his desired limit. In fact, there was no limit to his filthiness. You’re about to find out more about the oddest and most bizarre person that ever lived.

GG Allin’s Childhood Days

The Irony of it all is that he was named Jesus Christ at birth. GG was raised in a staunch and rather fanatic Christian home led by Merle his father. The Allin family suffered torture in the hands of their obnoxious father whose zeal to be righteous led to extremism. He didn’t hesitate to name his son Jesus Christ after claiming that Jesus appeared to him to tell him he would have a son that would be as great as the messiah. The name GG came when his older brother also named Merle pronounced his name as Jeje. GG’s mother later changed his name to Kevin Allin, however, he maintained GG.

Apart from making them live remotely in a cabin without electricity and water, Allin’s father dug graves and threaten to kill them. This and many more became a dominant part of GG’s unenviable childhood identified with solitude, violence, extreme restrictions and confinement. Your guess is right, Allin did not respond positively to this extremely controlled life. In high school, he was quite exceptional. Never taking school seriously, he would skip classes, break into people’s homes, engage in illicit acts, and abuse drugs. At other times, he played in bands he formed alongside his brother Merle. College never made it to the dictionary of the Allin brothers as they were only inclined to music. And music they did.

His Fame and the Weird Things He Did

After highs school, the Allin brothers continued to pursue music as a career and GG while at it doubled up on his recklessness. The brothers joined several bands like ‘Malpractice’, ‘Little Sisters Date’, and many others. He also formed bands with Merle Jr. during this period. GG Allin joined ‘The Jabbers’ in 1977 as a drummer and did so many gigs with the band. With The Jabbers he also produced his debut album Always Was, Is, And Always Shall Be, and was quite exceptional for his enigmatic attributes. He soon left the drums and took up the mic – unleashing his real persona.

GG Allin transformed into something much more uncontrollable and it was only a matter of time before The Jabbers split in the mid-80s. Moving to Manchester, New Hampshire, Allin moved from band to band and intensified his oddness. From turning tables of guests upside down to pouring their drinks over their heads, he was quite something. It was during this time that he seemed to reach the climax of his craze.

While performing with ‘Bloody Mess & the Skabs’ in 1985 GG Allin willfully and purposefully defecated on stage in the presence of the crowd. He derived so much satisfaction after causing pandemonium at the venue and was motivated to go dirtier. Allin continued with his open defecation and even started throwing his feces to the audience. He went bloody too; he would perform with his body covered in blood even sprinkle on the audience. The most unusual rock figure later advanced his antics, as he became so addicted to drugs and also went on to assault women sexually.

How Did GG Allin Die?

GG Allin never feared death and never subscribed to its uncertainty. In fact he talked about dying on one’s own terms as the best kind of death. Allin, as a matter of fact, had said he would take his own life on stage. Although it was not exactly how his life ended, but it was something of the sort. GG had publicly set a date aside, October 30, 1990, as the day he would kill himself on stage. However, his plans were thwarted before then, by an unexpected jail sentence in Michigan. He was jailed for ‘Intent to Commit Bodily Harm Less Than Murder’.

On June 27, 1993, he eventually died. It was during what has been argued as his most insane show in Manhattan. Already saturated with drugs before the show on that fateful day, he halted halfway and cut the power, became very violent and took it to the streets. Walking naked and with his body covered in blood, he made his way to a friend’s house. There he was said to have soaked himself with multiple doses of heroin. Allin kept on displaying and eventually gave up the ghost. He died of heroin overdose.

After his death, there were differing reports on whether the overdosing was planned or not. GG Allin in life and in death remains a god in the world of rock n roll.