Who Are The Members Of Malcolm In The Middle, Where Are They Now?

The members of Malcolm in the Middle have since gone on to achieve greater things with their lives. Malcolm In The Middle aired on the FOX network from 2000 to 2006 and was a top draw for the network as it received universal acclaim from critics. Alan Sepinwall of HitFix rated it as one of the 10 best shows in the history of the Fox network.

As the name aptly implies, “Malcolm in the Middle” follows the life of the middle child of a working-class family named Malcolm. The show won 7 Emmy Awards 1 Peabody Award, 1 Grammy Award and received 7 Golden Globe nominations. Years have passed since Fox drew it’s curtains on the show, however, fans remain ever interested in the lives of the members of Malcolm in the Middle seeking to know their recent endeavors. So here, we take you through the recent efforts of the main cast members of Malcolm in the Middle.

Who are the Members of Malcolm in The Middle and Where are They Now?

1. Frankie Muniz

The titular character, Malcolm was played by who did a good job portraying a boy with a 165 IQ and a photographic memory. In a real-life twist of events, Muniz would come to suffer from memory loss and no longer has memories of his childhood days. After Malcolm, Muniz continued acting but pursued other interests including an open-wheel racing career and music. He briefly played as a drummer with the York-based band, Kingsfoil before becoming the manager of Astro Lasso, another York-based band. He became the host of Dancing with the Stars junior in August 2018.

2. Jane Kaczmarek

Janie portrayed the role of the family’s authoritative mother. She continued to act after the show’s end. Her most notable post-Malcolm show is Raising the Bar. She has guest starred in many shows from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit to The Big Bang Theory. Some of her recent films include; The Boat Builder, Wolves at the Door, CHiPs and 6 Balloons.

3. Bryan Cranston

Cranston played the role of Hal, Malcolm’s father. Like most members of the show, Malcolm in the Middle was his breakout. Post-Malcolm, Cranston went on to solidify his career portraying Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad for which he won 3 Emmy Awards. He has also had a critically acclaimed career in theater winning a Tony Award for his role as President Lyndon Johnson in the Broadway production of All the Way. He has had a successful carer as a voice actor, voicing roles in Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Robot Chicken and more. His notable films would come to include; The Lincoln Lawyer and Contagion.

4. Christopher Masterson

Masterson played the role of Malcolm’s eldest brother, Francis. He continued to act after the show’s end but in 2010 he began a career as a deejay.


5. Justin Berfield

Berfield played Malcolm’s second oldest brother Resse. After Malcolm, Berfield acted occasionally before becoming more active as a filmmaker, writing, producing and directing as the Chief Creative Officer of Virgin Produced; an LA-based film and television development, packaging, and production company which is part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group.

6. Erik Per Sullivan

Erik Per Sullivan played Malcolm’s younger brother Dewey the intelligent and musically talented member of the family who often falls victim to his brother’s pranks. He had only one more acting job after Malcolm ended in the action teen drama, Twelve which also starred . He earned a college degree from the University of Southern California in 2010 after which he brought his acting career to an end.

7. Catherine Lloyd Burns

Burns will for long be remembered for her role as Malcolm’s overly earnest teacher. She has continued to pursue acting interests since the show’s end appearing both in film and on the small screen. She acted in the satirical dark comedy series, Search Party. Catherine Lloyd Burns is based in Brooklyn, New York with her family including her writer and producer husband, Adam Forgash and their daughter.

8. Craig Lamar Traylor

Traylor played the role of the socially awkward Stevie Kenarban, Malcolm’s childhood best friend. After the show ended, Traylor was barely seen in the spotlight as he appeared in only a couple of films including This Bitter Earth, and Forgiven This Gun4hire. Reports later surfaced that he began a career as a tattoo artist.

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