Who Are The members Of Try Guys, Here Are Facts You Need To Know About Them

Unless you are not conversant with the wealth of social media outlets on the internet right now, but if you are, you’ll agree that The Try Guys is the go-to comedy group in this age and time.

For what’s worth, The Try Guys is a group of four talented and witty men who write, direct, shoot, and produce their own comedy series. Littered with multi-hyphenate personalities, the group was thrust into immense popularity in early 2017 when their show Squad Wars was performed on YouTube Red. The boy group is made up of Keith Habersberger, Eugene Lee Yang, Zach Kornfeld, and Ned Fulmer.

So far, the guys have come up with a good number of humorous videos, with The Try Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation being the most notable of all their clips. This video, in particular, has been watched over 26 million times and counting by online users. But generally, The Try Guys’ videos have prompted 9 seasons so far.

Besides their activities on YouTube, the hunks have also graced several notable magazines for interviews and videos. They’ve also made it to the popular American talk show, Today. It is believed that their appearances on these top-notch shows must have helped in generating considerable publicity and raking in more fans to their side.

Who Are The Members Of Try Guys?

The Try Guys group is made up of Zach Kornfeld, Keith Habersberger, Eugene Lee Yang, and Ned Fulmer, as mentioned earlier. They all work for BuzzFeed, a New York-based internet social news and entertainment firm with a focus on digital media. Kornfeld, who is currently based, in Los Angeles banks as an actor and video producer in the firm. He joined the company in February 2014.

He was born on July 26, 1990, in Scarsdale, New York, where he was raised with his sister. Zach studied at the prestigious Emerson College, which is situated in Boston, Massachusetts. He started out small by making short videos using stuffed animals and legos. He is the author of the book The Try Guide.

The second member of the group is Keith Habersberger. He was born in Carthage, Tennessee, in the United States on June 18, 1987. Like Zach, he works as a comedian, video producer, and editor at BuzzFeed. He joined the media company in January 2014 as a video intern and later rose to become its reporter on current trends, including covering Hollywood red carpets.

Prior to his acceptance into the BuzzFeed team, Keith toured the country with the popular improv comedy group, Mission Improvable. He is currently one of the prominent personalities in BuzzFeed.

The third member Eugene Lee Yang is a writer, video producer, actor, and director at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. He was born on January 18, 1986, in Pflugerville, Texas, in the United States. He is an American by nationality and is of Korean descent.

Lee Yang studied at the University of Southern California, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Not much is known about his personal life but we can confirm that he has two pretty sisters who appear once in a while in his videos along with their mother. The Pflugerville-born is also a household name on several social media outlets, particularly Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, where he has an impressive number of followers.

In addition to his roles on The Try Guys and honest stance on sexism and race, the Korean star is famed for his gorgeous face, which many believe is the reason he is being followed by a good number of women. Eugene is 1.8 meters tall and his sun sign is Capricorn.

Finally, Fulmer is a renowned comedy improviser, writer, and performer. He was born on July 11, 1087, in Jacksonville, United States. Before stardom, he used to take part in chess competitions and was heavily involved in building model rockets. Ned, who studied  Chemistry at Yale University, got married to Ariel Vandevoorde on June 16, 2012, in Chicago. The multi-hyphenated personality currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife. They recently welcomed a baby together.

Here Are Facts You Need To Know About Them

1. The Try Guys’ videos on ‘motherhood’ are considered one of their most successful series. In the 5-part web series, the guys tried imitating pregnant women and the pains they pass through caring for their newborn babies. They also went through labor pain simulators and finally thanked their mothers for the pains they passed through.

2. The group is known for doing so many things in unique ways. They are loved for their openness about cultures and for exploring a lot of topics that center on making the world a better place.

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