Yaron Versano Bio and 10 Lesser Known Facts about Gal Gadot’s Husband

Yaron Versano Bio and 10 Lesser Known Facts about Gal Gadot’s Husband

Many people know about Gal Gadot but just a few know about Yaron Versano. Yaron is a wonder woman’s husband. Here, we will shed some light on the personality of the actress’s husband and get to know 10 lesser-known facts about him.

Bio of Yaron Versano

Yaron Versano was born on 28th, June 1978, in Amsterdam, Holland to Israeli parents. He has a brother named Guy who was also born in Holland. He holds Isreali nationality, is of white ethnicity, and follows the Jewish religion. He studied at the International School of Amsterdam before proceeding to study at New York Institute of Technology where he graduated in the millennial year 2000.

He grew up to become an accomplished businessman and real estate, investor. Growing up, Yaron started a hotel business with his brother Guy, the hotel was named Versano Hotel in Neve Tzedek, which was located at Shabazi St Israel. They later sold it in 2015. It was reported they sold the hotel to popular Russian businessman Roman Abramovich at the rate of $26 million.

Not much information exists out here about Yaron’s family background and childhood. He is popular for being a successful businessman and husband to one of the most loved and highly watched American superhero characters.

Nevertheless, since his emergence as the husband of a celebrity, his wife’s successful movie career, here are some interesting things you will find interesting about him.

10 Lesser Known Facts About Him

1. Love In The Desert: Yaron Versano met his wife Gal Godet in a remote desert party through mutual friends in 2006. Immediately they saw each other, they became aloof to the yoga and health food aspect of the retreat but got more interested in the likeness that was quickly springing up between the two of them.

2. Older Than His Wife: However, there was a little issue between the two, an age difference of 10 years exist between them with Yaron being the older partner. He was sure he had seen his wife in Gal but Gal being younger admitted in several interviews that she wasn’t sure at the time if he was the one.

3. Romantic: Most people certainly don’t know about this but based on what Gal revealed in an October 2016 interview at Tiffany & Co.’s celebration of the renovations to its Los Angeles flagship location. She was asked by The Hollywood Reporter what her favorite memory with jewelry is.

She responded “The most meaningful [jewelry moment] to me is the first time I wore my wedding ring,” and further added that “Yaron proposed in a very special way, but I’m going to keep that story to myself.”

Well there you have it, little wonder why their marriage seems so strong and unwavering.

4. He Pre-proposed To Gal: Yaron made her know of his feelings and told her he would only wait for two years before proposing to her.

He kept his promise and exactly two years later on 28th of September 2008, they got married in a quiet wedding ceremony and the couple has been true to themselves and living together since after. There have been no rumors pertaining to their marriage which is typical of celebrity marriages and we hope there won’t be.

5. He has Kids: Contrary to what most people think because of how young and attractive Gal looks, the doting husband to the superhero is a father of two with her. They had their first daughter named Alma in November 2011 while their second child Maya was born in March 2017.

Yaron Versano Bio and 10 Lesser Known Facts about Gal Gadot’s Husband
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Yaron performs his fatherly role dutifully to his kids and shows them what a family should be like with his wife. When his wife is on location shooting one movie or the other, he adequately takes care of them. You will see nothing short of love and commitment to the family on his Instagram account where he regularly posts about his wife and kids.

6. Served in the Isreali Army: Yaron had compulsory military training like all Israeli’s. He served in the army for two years and so did his wife.

Isreal adopted compulsory military service for its youthful citizen after being attacked on many fronts by some enemy nations then.

7. Travels Alot: Unlike most other husbands of celebrity actresses who would rather stay back home and give full attention to their personal needs rather than traveling to movie locations to support their spouses, Yaron travels the world because of his wife’s acting career. He deems it his responsibility to always be close to support and encourage her wherever she is shooting a movie.

8. Feminist: He opines that equality between men and women is ideal, should be pursued and when attained, should be maintained. He wants men and women to earn the same salaries for the same job.

9. His Net Worth: The businessman and real estate developer has a net worth estimate of $26 million.

10. Instagram: Yaron Versano despite not being popular on his own other than for being the husband of Wonder woman, has a huge following on social media. He has a huge following on his Instagram account adorned with posts and pictures of his family. If you have got a liking for his personality and family, you can follow him here on Instagram.

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