10 Celebrities Who Insured Their Body Parts for Millions

It’s honestly now a lifestyle trend to find celebrities who insured their body parts for millions. From sexy legs to well-shaped butts, expensive implants, and glamorous hair, we have managed to compile a list of such celebrities.

To be precise, we are looking at celebrities who ensured not only their properties but have taken that extra step to secure their precious body parts for really outrageous figures.

Celebrities who insured their body parts seem to have various insane and surprising reasons to do so. There are also cases where some do it because it’s their means of livelihood.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Insured Their Body Parts For Millions

Without any further delay, we would like to present our top 10 Celebrities who have the highest and outrageously insured body parts.

10. Holly Madison

The former Playboy model and ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner reportedly opted for a $1 million policy on her boobs implants. She gave her reason before going topless for her 2011 Las Vegas revue Peepshow. She stated that if anything should happen to her boobs, she’d be out for a few months and it would cost over a million dollars.

9. Rihanna

Bad girl RiRi Reportedly insured her legs for $1 million. Gillette’s Venus Breeze presented her with the Celebrity Legs of a Goddess award. No doubt this was one of the major reason she promptly insured those award-winning legs.

8. Jamie Lee Curtis

L’Eggs pantyhose insured Jamie Lee Curtis’s legs for $2.8 million. This was after an advertising campaign she did with the company. However, we do not know if this policy is still effective to date.

7. Madonna

Singing icon and legend Madonna is known for her stunning and radiant looks especially knowing her age and how long she has been in the business. But to our surprise, the music goddess didn’t insure her vocal cords; she rather had her boobs insured for $ 2 million!

6. Kylie Minogue

Our sources tell us that the Australian singer Kylie Minogue reportedly insured her backside for $5 million!!

5. Tina Turner

Well known for some of her hit songs like “What’s love got to do with it”, “The Best” among some other hit tracks. Tina Turner was also known back in the day as an artist who liked showing off her legs and then she took up a $ 3.2 million policy to cover her legs.

When she was asked, she made it known that she had always been proud of her legs knowing they were long. She jokingly added that she used to think and wonder why she looked like a little pony when she was younger. Tina also revealed that she didn’t know how to buy clothes to suit her legs and as she grew up, she learned what worked for her and that’s where the short dresses came from as she says you can’t dance in a long dress.

4. Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen reportedly insured his vocal cords for $6 million. No one can kill “Born in the U.S.A.” like the rocker. He deemed it fit to pick up a policy to cover up the body part responsible for that gravelly voice; his vocal cords.

3. Daniel Craig

The 007 stars had his entire body insured for a whopping $9.5 million!!! Craig was known to do some of his own stunts in his James Bond movies, a good example would be his second Bond flick, Quantum of Solace. He eventually decided to insure his entire body. Craig did it again for Spectre; although it led to a sprained knee on set.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Famous footballers have mind-blowing insurance policies on their properties and most of them just acquire and acquire till they become liabilities. But for players like Cristiano Ronaldo who is well known for his speed, skill, and style of play; it’s only natural for him to often be the target of not-so-nice attacks on the field. Some tackles could be career-wrecking, out-of-bounds tackles that could leave a player of his caliber out of business. It was reported that when he made the big-money move to Real Madrid from Manchester United in 2009, he had his legs insured for $ 144 million.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Before Kim, Amber and others who’ve gone big with their butts, there was a J. Lo, who had reportedly insured her butt for $300 million. Now that’s a butt-breaking record!

There, we have it! Our top ten Celebrities who insured their body parts for millions. However, why not add a bonus feature right? This is the biggest you have ever seen though there is no telling what next these Celebrities would do next.

Mariah Carey – 1 Billion Dollars

I know what you are thinking, are my eyes deceiving me? Did you say a billion dollars? Well, it’s a big NO to the first and YES to the latter. Singer and icon Mariah Carey insured her legs for an insane 1 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!! And in 2006 she signed with Gillette to star in its 2006 Legs of a Goddess campaign.

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