Anna Walton – Bio, Husband, Children, Siblings, Age, Height, Net Worth

Anna Walton – Bio, Husband, Children, Siblings, Age, Height, Net Worth

Many talented actresses have come and gone, leaving behind their ingenuity, charm, and charisma as memorabilia for their fans and the entertainment world at large. However, there has never been a dearth of talent in the arena, with every rising star sometimes leaving us playing a comparison game of which is better: the old players or the emerging ones. Whatever be the case, talent is never enough – it requires many components to really stand out. One of those who went the extra mile to establish their presence beyond their talent is the English actress, Anna Walton, known for her award-winning role in the 2007 horror flick, Vampires Diaries.

She has also appeared in other notable works including Hellboy 2 and the TV series Reign. Here is her profile.

Anna Walton Biography (Age)

Anna Walton was born in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, London, England on the 18th of December, 1980. While studying in Hertfordshire’s Queenswood School, Walton had the opportunity to work as a model and she fully embraced it. She started modeling and later dabbled into some acting too. However, she got enthralled by the latter undertaking and decided to get some training to hone her skills further. She received training at the Oxford School of Drama, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, graduating in 2004.

She appeared in two movies in the late 90s; Bright Hair (1997) and Out of Hours (1998). Following her formal training, she took on more roles both in movies and on television. One of her most notable roles came in 2007 as Vicki in Vampire Diaries. She also appeared in A Girl and a Gun as Lucille the same year. Walton clinched the Best Actress Award in 2008 at the Milan International Film Festival for her role in The Vampire Diaries.

Then came the action flick Mutant Chronicles in 2008 in which she portrayed Severian and performed her own stunts. Other works she undertook in the 2000s include NBC’s Crusoe (2008-2009) as Susannah Crusoe, a childhood friend and later wife of the titular character and Guillermo del Toro‘s directed sequel Hellboy II: The Golden Army where she won hearts as the compassionate royal, Princess Nuala. The flick co-starred Ron Perlman in the titular role who also appeared in Mutant Chronicles, Selma Blair, Seth MacFarlane, Luke Goss who played her twin, and Doug Jones.

Anna Walton – Bio, Husband, Children, Siblings, Age, Height, Net Worth
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Anna Walton played Agatha in the short film Copelia (2010) which was followed by 5 Days of War as Karin and Henry’s mother in The Halloween Kid both in 2011. She also has a record of several other appearances like Deviation (2012), The Seasoning (2012), The CW historical romantic drama series Reign (2013-2017) playing Diane de Poitiers, the king’s mistress, as well as the mother of Torrance Coombs‘ character and Buoy (2013). Others are the 2013 British horror film Soulmate where she portrayed a woman, Audrey who travels to the countryside to recuperate after a suicide attempt but finds that her cottage is haunted by a ghost and Cherry Tree in 2015.

Anna Walton Net Worth

Anna Walton has amassed a handsome net worth which comes mainly from her career in acting. The amount is still under review but taking her talent into account, her purse must be reeling with cool earnings.

Anna Walton’s Family – Siblings, Husband, Children

Very little is known about the family background of the actress, however, it is known that she has a brother, Henry, who is also in the entertainment industry, and a sister named Lucy. Henry Walton was a guitarist for the now-defunct London-based indie rock band, Zulu Winter. Anna appeared in a music video for the band’s hit single, Silver Tongue.

She also mentioned her parents in a 2012 interview, though not their names, but the advice they gave her, which she said was the best she has ever received. While her mother told her to be responsible for her own happiness and not to expect anyone or anything to do it for her, her father added that she should smile often, to feel good.

Anna Walton was married to fashion PR Simon Motson from Oxford for seven years but their union ended in divorce. They had two children together including a son, Oliver who was born in April 2007, and Avelina.


Anna Walton has a slim body build which complements her height and looks. She stands at 5 feet 11 inches which is translated to 1.80 in meters above the ground. her body weight is listed as 9 stone 8lbs (134 pounds).