Aylen Alvarez Bio, Family Life and Other Interesting Details 

Aylen Alvarez Bio, Family Life and Other Interesting Details 

Aylen Alvarez is a Cuban fitness model and social media influencer who has gained extreme popularity on Instagram with over 3.3 million followers. She is best known for posting pictures showing off her curves and lifestyle on Instagram.

The well-traveled model has been featured on the pages of a number of magazines, including Hardbody and Lowrider. Alvarez was also a spokesmodel for Alliance Entertainment Group from 2006 to 2010. She is currently rated as one of the most popular models and media influencers around the world.

Aylen Alvarez’ Biography

Aylen Alvarez was born on February 8, 1987, in Santiago de Cuba. She was raised by her mom along with her younger sister named Aylin Alvarez. That seems to be all the information available about her childhood and education which she rarely talks about.

Alvarez started working with the ADM Celebrity Fitness Model & Talent Agency in 2005. Her career as a fitness model took off after her acquaintance with Derrick “DTeflon” Ling, C.E.O of the Alliance Entertainment Group, via a friend in Miami. The two later formed a close friendship and shortly after, DTeflon created the publicity that launched her into fame as the next superstar in the entertainment industry.

Although it wasn’t a smooth start for the Cuban beauty, her passion, persistence and vibrant personality gained her more attention and reputation as one of the best models. DTeflon who took up the role of her manager had the initiative to propel her professional modeling & fitness career forward and help her reach the level of success that she deserves.

Her first step towards the fitness limelight was in 2006 when her former gym trainer, Carl said she has what it takes to make it in the fitness industry which was a rocky chiseled and curvy body, plus raw energy. He motivated her to start competing, as well as took her to a few fitness shows to witness what it was all about.

From there on, Alvarez took it upon herself to succeed. She competed in the Muscle Mania World Championship and on her very first stage appearance, she was placed in the top 4, beating out dozens of other girls who competed in the show. She has not slowed down after that.

Over the years Aylen Alvarez has consistently set the runways, pages of magazines, screens and websites ablaze, working with photographers such as EYE Candy, Wild Imaginations, Rob Simms, Onyx Photographer, Eric Friemans and many others. With her strong sense of professionalism, splendid sophistication, sultry style, and an indomitable drive to succeed, she has become one of the most sought-after models in Miami.

Family Life 

Alvarez is single and living her dream of traveling and exploring beautiful cities around the world. Her sister, Aylin who’s also a model, is her only family after the demise of their mother in 2018.

She shared her grief on Instagram on June 4 which explains her sudden absence from the booming platform. Using her page, she explained that her mother’s death was quite unexpected as she was only 63 years old. The older woman died of a stroke from an unseen blood clot.

The model described her mother as the kindest and most amazing woman whom she grew to love as her best friend. To better mourn and honor her dear departed mother, Alvarez took close to one month off social media.

Aylen Alvarez Bio, Family Life and Other Interesting Details 
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Interesting Details about Aylen Alvarez

1. Aylen Alvarez is also an aspiring actress but started out first as a model.

2. The half Cuban half Brazilian beauty exploded onto the entertainment scene aboard the Alliance Entertainment group in 2006. She moved from Las Vegas Nevada to South Beach Miami after being scouted by Derrick “DTeflon” Ling who is her manager, best friend, and Hollywood’s Star Celebrity Bodyguard & Entertainment C.E.O of the Alliance Entertainment Group.

3. Besides modeling and working out in the gym, Alvarez loves shopping and enjoys outdoor activities; she simply loves life too much to sit around and do nothing. She is rated among the twenty-five Latinas to follow on Instagram.

4. She has also earned the title of Miami’s Hottest Fitness Model with the nickname, Miami’s Best Kept who is currently burning up the Fitness & Modeling Industry in South Beach.

5. One of the things that make Aylen Alvarez’s work as a model unique is her artistic curvy pictures that are imbued with enrapturing elegance and class that accentuates her fine feminity.

Height, Weight, and Other Facts

Ethnicity: Hispanic/Cuban

Language: Spanish / English

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5′ 3″ (160cm)

Weight:132 lbs

Waist: 24″

Hips: 37″

Shoe: 7.0

Bra/cup size: 34D