Calum Worthy – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Family, Girlfriend, Is He Gay?

Calum Worthy – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Family, Girlfriend, Is He Gay?

Calum Worthy is a Canadian actor who got famous as Dez on Disney Channel’s 2016 American comedy television series Austin & Ally. Before he shot himself to fame with the portrayal of the character Dez, Calum had already been around in the entertainment industry since the year 2001, when he starred in the Canadian/American television sci-fi and drama series Mysterious Ways as the character Alien/Kid clown in the episode “Do You See What I See?” His acting prowess over the years has seen him feature in a couple of works for which he has picked up some awards along the way.

Find out more about the talented actor below, including the contentious question of his sexuality.

Calum Worthy Bio, Age

The actor was born in Victoria, British Columbia on January 28, 1991, to Sandra Webster Worthy (mom) and David Worthy (dad). He schooled at Claremont Secondary School where He stood out as a brilliant student in his class.

Prior to his exploits in school, Calum, like most kids his age then watched the evergreen adventure/comedy film Home Alone which starred Macaulay Culkin. He had a deep liking for the main character of the film and subsequently began to nurse the ambition to be an actor. Many years passed by and that childhood dream is today a reality.

Calum Worthy began devoting more time to training as a dancer, singer, and acting, at a time, he had to quit his studies to focus fully on being the best at what he does. True to his determination, the kid landed his first television role in Mysterious Ways when he was just 9 years old. That same year (2001), he took up another role as Roger/Ratty in I Was a Rat and starred in 3 episodes of the series. His impressive portrayal of his character and the overall success of the series opened up more opportunities for the Canadian actor.

Calum subsequently starred in other series like National Lampoon’s Thanksgiving Family Reunion (2003), Good Luck Charlie (2011), and Wisdom of the Crowd (2017). For films, he has recorded appearances on The Last Mimzy (2007), Rapture-Palooza (2013), Bodied (2017), and many others.

Net Worth

Calum Worthy has certainly seen good times in his young and burgeoning career. For the works he has done so far, the actor no doubt have been well rewarded but just a few sources have reported his net worth. He is reportedly worth about $1 million.

Family – Is He Gay Or Has A Girlfriend?

One of the things actors and actresses have to contend with in their personal lives is the impact the characters they give life to onset have on their personal lives and the interpretations their fans give to the issues that come up. There have been numerous cases of on-screen couples paired in real life but unfortunately, turn out not to be so. There have also been cases where actors and actresses are termed to be gay or otherwise in real life based on how well they played a character. Calum Worthy comes in the category of the latter.

Calum Worthy – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Family, Girlfriend, Is He Gay?
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The Austin & Ally star was rumored to be gay around 2015 owing to his role and perfect portrayal of the character Dez in Austin & Ally; Dez had an odd personality and weird fashion sense. In addition to this, Worthy was also not known to have a girlfriend in real life or at best, kept his dating life a closely guarded secret.

When his fans couldn’t draw a concrete conclusion from any of the above, they quickly assumed that the actor was probably gay and was afraid to come out because of his parents.

However, Calum Worthy, before this time, was rumored to be in a relationship with Raini Rodriguez back in the year 2012. The two had their pictures circulating all over social media at the time. But owing to the fact that Raini was his co-star on Austin & Ally, and that neither of them has commented on their assumed relationship, this rumor died a natural death as it did not hold much water.

As it is, Calum does not have any family of his own, he is not married neither do we know him to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Quick Facts About Calum Worthy

Born – 28th January 1991

Birthplace – Victoria, British Columbia

He is the only child of his Canadian parents

Height – 6 feet 0 inches

Weight – 74kg

Chest – 40 inches

Arms/Biceps – 13 inches

Waist – 29 inches

Shoe size – 10 (US) or 40.5 (EU)

Hair Color – Red

Eye color – Blue