Charlotte De Witte – Bio, Everything To Know About The Belgian DJ

Charlotte De Witte – Bio, Everything To Know About The Belgian DJ

As a disc jockey and music producer, Charlotte De Witte is vastly admired for her skills which have been felt in genres like electro, underground, and techno. Even though she is relatively new to the entertainment scene as she has only been active since 2010, the Belgian DJ has been able to set herself apart as one of those who can’t be ignored, thanks to her fine studio expertise and behind-the decks’ dexterity. Without a doubt, she is one of the finest and most popular Belgian techno DJs. Apart from her artistry which has made this claim obvious, Charlotte has been able to bag some coveted awards, including the Red Bull Elektropedis Awards for Best Song, Best DJ, Best Producer, and Artist Of The Year.

Of late, her musical exploit has been crossing the boundary of her country, exposing her to international audiences and bringing her fans from various corners of the earth who have shown interest in knowing more about the DJ. If you are one of those, here’s your treat!

Charlotte De Witte Bio

Somewhere in Evergem, Belgium on the 21st day of June 1992, Charlotte de Witte was born to Isabelle de Witte, her mother. While almost nothing is known about her father just as details about her upbringing are pretty hard to come by, we can tell that the DJ has always been in love with music.

It is said that she was a huge fan of the Belgian folk group, Lais even before she became a teenager. De Witte was having a good time with rock music until she discovered the electronic genre; this was after she moved to Ghent to have her high school education. There was no stopping Charlotte thereafter. She would get into VirtualDJ and then seek out centers demanding a chance to play.

She started gaining some attention but was thrust further into the limelight after she participated in JIM’s My Set Rules which had budding DJs competing with each other. Apart from the JIM program, she was a part of Switch, the Studio Brussels’ program which saw her win the Red Bull Elektropedia award.

Charlotte De Witte – Bio, Everything To Know About The Belgian DJ
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Owing to that, she got to perform at 2011’s Tomorrowland, the massive Belgian outdoor dance event held at De Schorre, Boom. Performing at the seventh edition of the event skyrocketed Charlotte de Witte’s fame as she got to perform with other well-known artists like Above & Beyond, David Guetta, Adam Beyer, and others.

As Charlotte de Witte has successfully established herself as a DJ, it was only a matter of time before she gets into producing music. In 2013, she dropped Observe, her first EP. This was followed by Slaves / Alternate, her second EP in 2015. That same year, she dropped the popular dance/electronic song, You’re Mine, featuring Oscar and the Wolf.

From the United States to Canada, Australia, and Singapore, this DJ has toured various parts of Asia and Europe, performing in some of the biggest stages thereof. In view of that, it is hardly a surprise that the United Kingdom’s BBC Radio 1 came calling for her services in 2019. We authenticated that the radio station hired her to work for six months as its DJ. Confirming this, Charlotte promised to enthrall BBC Radio 1 listeners with stripped and powerful techno combined with melancholic ambient and emotional moments.

Things To Know About The Belgian DJ

1. Disregarding her residency at BBC Radio 1 which is expected to last for six months, Charlotte de Witte has been a resident DJ at Studio Brussels.

2. She is the brain behind KNTXT, a popular techno party held at Fuse club in Brussels. Its objective is to offer a quality techno experience to fans of the genre.

3. Irrespective of the fact that Lady De Witte started pursuing her musical dreams at an early age, she didn’t abandon her education for it. She completed her high school education and proceeded to the Artevelde University College where she bagged a degree in Event and Project Management. If you were wondering how she has been able to host and manage KNTXT as well as she’s been doing? Now you know better.

4. Her real name is Charlotte de Witte but she rose to fame as Raving George. She didn’t use her real name initially because she didn’t want to disclose her gender identity as she believed it would make people not take her seriously. It was sometime in October 2015 that the DJ decided to start performing with her real name, believing that gender would no longer be a problem as she has established herself as a good entertainer.