Chelsey Crisp Age, Wiki, Bio, Married, Height, and Body Measurements

Chelsey Crisp Age, Wiki, Bio, Married, Height, and Body Measurements

There are some actors that come very early and stay forever, such as Angelina Jolie, and there are others like Chelsey Crisp who come and do their thing, then stay more off-stage than on stage only to come back and do some more.

Forgive me if you get that misunderstood, the fine woman is a fine actress, even though she may not be on your list of the finest.

And I get it, it will be unfair for one to start making comparisons between her and others that have been in the industry for way much longer, as Chelsey Crisp only got into acting in 2004.

Chelsey Crisp Bio/Age/Wiki

A little closer look at the actress, she is Aged 34 and was born in 1983. Even though there is very little known about her childhood, growing up, and family, Chelsey Crisp grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.

She got the support of her family as she attempted to go into the theater. That propelled her to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts from 2001-2003 after graduating from High school.

When next you see her doing some spectacular things on the screen, it should come as no surprise as after attending the American Academy, she went on to the British American Dramatic Academy.

Chelsey Crisp Age, Wiki, Bio, Married, Height, and Body Measurements

With her decent period spent in Hollywood, crisp has appeared in many movies including Dr. Chopper, Sludge. Chicken Suit, and The 60 Yard Line. She is, however, more popular for her role in TV shows such as Adult All Girl Sexy Sleep Over Party, and Fresh Off the Boat, which is one of her most known performances.

Although she has taken to the screen, she has not dropped the stage completely as Crisp still performs and even travels in different troupes. Great for improvisations, she has traveled to places including Asia, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

To be candid enough, she is almost as versatile as Charlyne Yi (I hope to be forgiven), as she is vast in things she does. Among her long list is a comedy which she does as a part of the team Duchess Riot, which was formed in 2011. The all-female comedy troupe has been voted “#1 Theater Group” on the LA HotList four times.

In 2005 she made an appearance in America’s fear factor which she won.

Chelsey Crisp Married

Most of these guys in Hollywood prefer to keep their relationships secret, even though it is mostly impossible thanks to the eagle eyes of the nosy media. Chelsey didn’t waste the time to do that. Shortly after Rhett Reese proposed to her during a surprise vacation at Cal-A-Vie Health Spa in San Diego, she slipped the news to the media.

Chelsey Crisp Age, Wiki, Bio, Married, Height, and Body Measurements

‘It was a beautiful and funny proposal – pretty much exactly what life has been like with him so far,’ she revealed. The announcement came even when there were very few details about the two datings, except that they have been seeing each other for up to 3 years after meeting at a wrap party for Spike TV’s The Joe Schmo Show, in which Chelsey acted while Rheet produced.

The engagement was shortly after Christmas in 2015. They didn’t keep us long as in 2016 Chelsey Crisp married the writer and producer, in front of 225 guests in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Their marriage in Arizona was easy for the couple to decide, as according to them, “we both grew up in Phoenix, so having all of our friends and family meet there for the wedding is unbelievably special to us.”

Together, they now live in Los Angeles.

Chelsey Crisp Height, and Body Measurements

A very beautiful woman, Crisp has a very good physique and is well built. Well curved and natural, the woman has a height of 5’ 3” (160 cm).

Looking at her general body measurements, she weighs 125 pounds (57 kg) and wears a bra with size 34C. One thing here is that even though some people get to think that she has had a little job to get her fuller on the upper side, her boobs are very natural.

She wears a size 6 dress and a 7.5 shoe.

Net Worth

She has had her hands decently filled with things, but for now, her net worth still remains unknown.