Cheryl Flake – Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Facts About Jeff Flake’s Wife

Cheryl Flake – Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Facts About Jeff Flake’s Wife

Every man in the world, regardless of social status and race, dreams that the woman they end up exchanging marital vows with is one that is supportive of them. American politician Jeff Flake looks to have hit the jackpot when it comes to this, as his wife, Cheryl Flake, might just go down in history as the most supportive wife ever to a career politician.

The pair have been together ever since their days in the university. After leaving school, she went on to put away all her career ambitions to stand by her husband as he rose to become a United States Senator while she took care of business back home. Read on to find out other facts about her.

Cheryl Flake Biography/Wiki

Being the wife of a prominent United States politician, Cheryl Flake has spent a huge chunk of her adult life in the public eye. But despite this, specific details about her parents, early life, siblings, and education are not known to the public. What is, however, known is that she was previously known as Cheryl Lanae before her marriage and that she was born somewhere in the state of Arizona on April 15, 1965.

After having completed her early and high school education at unnamed schools, Flake enrolled at Brigham Young University, a religious college owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was here that she first met and began dating her future husband Jeff Flake. While it is not clear what she studied in college, she graduated from the institution in 1985.

Net Worth

Cheryl Flake is not known to have held any jobs as most publications describe her as a homemaker. Due to this, her net worth has been unable to be determined. Her husband, on the other hand, is said to have a net worth of around $500,000. He made a significant portion of his net worth from his investment in real estate.

One of Flake’s major assets in real estate is a 4,625-square foot home in Mesa, Arizona.

Other Facts About Jeff Flake’s Wife

1. Marriage To Jeff Flake and Children

As earlier mentioned, Cheryl Flake met her future husband while attending college. A few months after obtaining their degrees, the college sweethearts exchanged marital vows and went on to start a family. They have five children; daughter Alexis and sons Austin, Tanner, Ryan, and Dallin.

In 2015, Tanner made headlines after he posted a series of offensive things, including using a racial slur and making anti-Semitic remarks on different social media platforms. Due to the extent of his behavior, his father had to issue an apology on his behalf, adding that he had spoken to his son. Tanner himself eventually issued a public apology for his statements.

Cheryl Flake – Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Facts About Jeff Flake’s Wife
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2. She is a Grandmother

Through her daughter Alexis, Cheryl Flake became a grandmother for the first time. Alexis, who was named Arizona Junior Miss in 2009 and also attended her parents’ alma mater, Brigham Young University, is married to Jason Arias. Alexis first met Jason at the Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game while they were both interning in DC. They were set up by a mutual friend. In 2013, Arias proposed to Alexis and they went ahead to welcome a son.

Cheryl and Jeff Flake have since become grandparents again on more than one occasion from their son Ryan.

3. The Flake’s Are Mormons

It is not clear if Cheryl Flake was originally a member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints or if she converted to Mormonism following her marriage to Jeff, who himself grew up as part of a large Mormon family and is the great-great-grandson of Mormon pioneer William J.

4. She Loves to Cook

Cheryl Flake loves to cook and she wants everyone to know this about her as she loves to post photos of her dishes on her Instagram page. It is said that Mrs. Flake has been a huge fan of cooking ever since she began her family. Due to the amount of time she spends in the kitchen, she has taken the liberty to create her own cookbook which she uses to make giant Sunday family dinners where both relatives and friends are welcomed to join the family. Flake’s daughter Alexis looks to have caught the cooking bug as she is always beside her mother in the kitchen.