Clean Bandit Members, Bio, Net Worth, Real Names, Quick Facts

Clean Bandit is a Grammy-winning British electronic music group that has been around since 2008. The group has risen steadily to become a rather significant part of the global music scene with songs that have topped international charts.

Recording its greatest success thus far in 2016, Clean Bandit has already recorded an album sale of 1.6 million globally. It has also recorded more than 13 million singles sales.

Clean Bandit Members, Real Names, Bio

When the band began in 2008 at the Jesus College, the University of Cambridge where all the members were undergraduate students, it had five members. Their real names are Grace Chatto, Jack Patterson, Luke Patterson, Neil Amin-Smith, and Ssegawa-Ssekintu Kiwanuka.

While three members of the band still remain, two have left. Neil Amin-Smith left the band in 2016 after spending 8 years as a member. Before him, however, Ssegawa-Ssekintu Kiwanuka who was the group’s vocalist left in 2010 to chase a Ph.D.

Grace Chatto

A very important member of the group, Grace Chatto was born on 10 December 1985. She is involved in cello, percussion, and vocals with the group. The Cello queen was raised in London where she was born, even though she is able to speak Italian and Russian Fluently.

For her education, the woman studied modern languages in the Cambridge University. Before college, she also attended The Latymer School and Westminster School. In order to enhance her music, she decided to attend the Royal Academy of Music.

Apart from being a member of the Clean Bandit, she is also in a group with her father, Massive Violins.

Jack Patterson

Jack Patterson is the bassist of the group and also doubles as its producer. He was born on July 2, 1985, in England. Outside the group, he has maintained a very low profile. Because of this, not much about the man is known. However, he has a brother, Luke Patterson who is also a member of the Clean Bandit.

Jack and Grace Chatto have been dating for more than 5 years now.

Luke Patterson

Jack Patterson’s younger brother, Luke is also a member of the Clean Bandit who serves as the group’s drummer. He was born on June 11, 1992, in England.

Influenced by all the electronic music he has been listening to, he is able to sustain as the drummer of the group since 2009. He also co-produces for the group.

Clean Bandit Net Worth 

Presently, the net worth of Clean Bandit which as stated is made up of Grace Chatto, Jack Patterson, and Luke Patterson is estimated to be $10 Million.

The group has made its money through the sale of albums and tickets and in so many other ways. This has been made possible through the success of their music not only as chart-toppers but also by bringing in many nominations and awards.

Among the nominations the group has gotten are UK Music Video Awards, Urban Music Awards, Brit Awards, BBC Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and many others. They have won various awards including the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording with their song, Rather Be. It has also won them the Ivor Novello Awards for Most Performed Work and Best Contemporary Song.

In 2018, the group got two Brit Awards nominations for British Single of the Year and British Video of the Year but it was later eliminated from this. The nomination came for its song, Symphony.

Quick Facts About The Clean Bandit

Members of the group met at the university where Jack was a student of Architecture, Neil a student of History, while Grace was a student of Modern Languages who majored in Russian.

The band’s name, Clean Bandit is said to be from a Russian phrase that is translated close to “complete bastard”.

Jack and Grace have lived in Moscow for some time. That’s the way they got the name of their band.

The remaining members of the group are related. While Jack and Luke Patterson are brothers, Grace and Jack are dating.

Rather Be is one of the most successful songs from the group as it did not only give it a Grammy, it also became the group’s first song to be on the Top 10 single in the US.

Chatto used to be a cello teacher before losing her job due to a suggestive picture she posted on social media.

They created a club night called National Rail Disco so as to get the opportunity to always perform before an audience in their earliest starting times.

The first single of the group was released in 2012, A & E and its debut album New House was released in 2014. The trio is set to release their second album sometime in 2018