Cree Cicchino Age, Boyfriend, Twin, Feet, Height, Sister, Parents

Cree Cicchino is an American actress and dancer famous for her role in Game Shakers. She is of mixed ethnicity, with Hispanic, Italian, German, and Irish roots; we do know she is white and American by birth.

As a child, she fancied dancing and wanted to be a dancer. At age 4 she was already in a dance training class and performed as a dancer. Her favorite dance styles are jazz-funk and hip-hop. She has always said she is a big fan of Barbadian singer Rihanna.

Cree Cicchino Biography

Cree Elizabeth Cicchino was born on the 9th of May 2002 in Queens, New York City, U.S; as one of the twins to American parents Kris Cicchino (father) and Lori Cicchino (mother).

Cree Cicchino was introduced to acting by her mother Lori Cicchino who registered her into a comedy group and it was at this moment that she began to have interest in acting. Thanks to that single act by her mother, she is now an upcoming actress and is famous for her first major role in the comedy series; Game Shakers on Nickelodeon where she played the lead role of Babe Carano.

Talking about her role in Game shakers here’s what she had to say;

“I play babe in Game Shakers. Who is a strong, independent, tough New Yorker chick who loves going on crazy adventures. She loves her friends and is more than happy to drag them along on her crazy plans and get them out of trouble. babe is wild and a whirlwind to portray.”

Cree Cicchino also took some singing lessons. She revealed that when she was younger, she wanted to be a big singer and dancer like Rihanna. She recently started posting her dance videos on YouTube. Moving forward, she plans to make more appearances in movies, shows, and maybe an album launch; the possibilities are endless for the teenager.

In 2015, Cree Cicchino hosted Nickelodeon’s Ultimate Halloween Costume Party, Nickelodeon’s Ho Ho Holiday Special, and Henry Danger.

Cree Cicchino’s Net Worth and Hobbies

Her net worth is not known publicly, as she is still up and coming. There should be more information on this in the coming years.

In her spare time, Cree Cicchino likes partying, going on field trips with friends, singing, writing articles on her social pages, drawing, and riding horses. She also loves animals and supports the fight against animal cruelty.

Social Media

Cree Cicchino has a very active Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube page with followers and subscribers respectively. She posts a lot of her dance videos on her YouTube channel among other personal posts on her Instagram. Regarding her social media pages, here is what she had to say;

“VERY important. It’s a way for me to connect with people back home in NYC and a way for me to talk to all the amazing Game Shaker supporters that show all their love.”


Cicchino is really focused on her career and her work at the moment, she doesn’t see being in a relationship as a priority now.

Due to her privacy rule with this aspect of her life, we really can’t say if she had a past relationship either, we can categorically say that she is single and not ready to mingle.

Cree Cicchino’s Twin and Parents

Cree has a twin sister by the name Jayce Cicchino; she is also a talented dancer and they have a good relationship.

Jayce, according to reports was born one minute before Cree. However, there is no other information about her personal life. Cree refers to Jayce as her best friend and she always spends a lot of spare time with her.

It is still not known if Cree’s parents have other children, but one thing is for sure; they have played very important roles in the lives and careers of their twin daughters.

Cree would talk about how her mother introduced or made her take singing classes. She also further took dance classes and a sketch comedy class which helped her develop the much-needed versatility in the industry. She lives with her parents and sister in New York.

Height And Body Measurements

Cree Cicchino is 4 feet 11 inches tall. She has a slim build and although her body measurements are unknown, we can say she has a beautiful peteite stature.