Daniella Perkins – Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Facts About The TV Actress

Daniella Perkins – Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Facts About The TV Actress

In a contemporary world that is typified by social media and entertainment, it has become a norm to see teenagers and young adults harnessing their present situation to make something of their lives and create an impact. As a result, we’ve seen the rise of a lot of artists, musicians, actors, and so on through social media. Daniella Perkins stands in that company of people.

However, the social media star is unique in that she didn’t start her career in the traditional manner. While others start out on social media platforms and then spread out, Daniella’s story is the other way around. She is an actress, Youtuber, and an entrepreneur. Perkins’s portfolio includes running her own business as well as appearing in a number of Nickelodeon series. Here’s everything we know about the inspirational life of Daniella Perkins.

Daniella Perkins’ Bio (Age)

The actress was born on June 13, 2000, in Anaheim, California. Nothing is known about her parents or any other members of her family, apart from her younger sister Devenity Perkins. Information concerning her education also remains vague.

Daniella Perkins began her internet career untraditionally. She and her sister launched WzTheBuzz in 2008. It was essentially an online city guide. They conducted interviews with ordinary city dwellers, talked about popular locations, discussed trending fashion and amazing recipes, and also critiqued and reviewed popular city landmarks. The site quickly caught on as it gave pertinent information from a kid’s viewpoint. Three years on, in 2011, Daniella and Devenity registered the site as a business.

It wasn’t until 2014 that Daniella added acting to her portfolio. She made her debut in the short comedy Senior Slasher. In 2016, she joined the cast of Nickelodeon’s Legendary Dudas, playing the major role of the character Sophia. In the same year, she made a guest appearance as Zoe on Girl Meets World. Over the next few years, Daniella Perkins was on several projects in both major and guest-starring capacities. These included Del Playa (2017), The Thundermans (2018), Blurt (2018), Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn (2018), and Henry Danger (2019).

In 2018, the actress started appearing in another major role for Nickelodeon. She started playing Ciara in the television series Knight Squad. In 2019, she started playing Ruby in the fantasy drama series Red Ruby.

Teaming up with her sister again, Daniella and Devenity launched their own TikTok channel. They are known by the handle ‘PerkinSisters’ on the platform. It did not take them long from the time they started uploading their music videos on their account to hit the seven-figure follower milestone, becoming one of the most-watched accounts in the app.

The sisters forayed into Youtube by launching their Perkins Sisters channel on October 10, 2014. On the channel, they majorly do joint vlogs, but they also record Q&A sessions, do challenges, skits, and other stuff. As of June 2019, the channel has over 88,000 subscribers and 2.8 million total views.

Three years after they launched their joint channel, Daniella Perkins struck out on her own and started her self-titled Youtube channel. She created it on February 12, 2017. As of mid-2019, Daniella has uploaded over 65 videos. These videos have recorded over 14 million total views and brought in more than 375,000 subscribers.

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Who Is Daniella Perkins’ Boyfriend?

Daniella is already one to admire in the way she juggles her many responsibilities from business to social media and acting. However, it seems she has also found the time to handle a little love and romance in her life. The Knight Squad actress is currently in a relationship with Zach Clayton, a fellow TikTok star known as Bruhitszach on the app.

The couple announced their relationship on social media and have also worked together on a few occasions. One video in particular on Daniella’s YouTube channel shows Zach trying to do her makeup.

Her Height

The beautiful multiracial California girl does not boast as much vertical measurement as many of her peers. Daniella Perkins’ height makes her look more like a gymnast than a model, still, her petite nature adds volumes to her cuteness. The actress cum social media influencer stands at a diminutive height of 5 feet 1 inch, which translates to 155 cm.

Facts About The TV Actress

1. Daniella Perkins is the first-ever multiracial personality to play the role of a princess on any of Nickelodeon’s programming.

2. She and her boyfriend Zach were already rumored to be in a relationship before they came out. However, they denied the idea for quite a while before giving in.

3. After Daniella launched her personal YouTube channel, it took her just 6 months to hit the 68,000 subscriber mark and 1 million views.