Drew McIntyre of WWE, Biography and All You Need To Know About Him 

Drew McIntyre is a Scottish wrestler who has a very long and impressive menu. He has made a name for himself in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) having been a fighter since 2001. He began by fighting on the front of the independent circuit and there, he garnered for himself a huge following. Here is all to know about him.

Drew McIntyre’s Biography

The wrestler was born Andrew McLean Galloway IV on June 6, 1985, in Scotland’s Ayr, Prestwick, South Ayrshire. He was also raised there by his parents, Andrew Galloway Sr. and Angela Anne Galloway. While growing up, Drew played soccer as a defender and was good at it. He exhibited great skill and passion for the ball game, that many expected that he would become a professional soccer player. In fact, he was said to have spent many seasons with the Prestwick Boys club in Scotland but all that was not to be as Drew turned professional but in another sport.

For his education, he attended the Prestwick Academy from where he proceeded to the Glasgow Caledonian University where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Criminology.

WWE Career

Also referred to as The Prodigal Son or The Great American Nightmare, Drew McIntyre began fighting in independent circuits between 2001 and 2007. He started training as a wrestler at the Frontier Wrestling Alliance’s Academy when he was only fifteen years old.

He took home his first ICW Heavyweight Championship in 2006 when he appeared in the first-ever Insane Championship Wrestling. In the WWE, Drew McIntyre wrestled in the Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) before going to become the Intercontinental Champion in 2009.

Winning the WWE Tag Team Championship alongside Cody Rhodes, McIntyre would go on to defend the title twice before being defeated by John Cena and David Otunga. After a long stay away from the ICW, he returned in 2014. In the same year, he debuted for Evolve Wrestling as well as the independent circuit.

With a very long and interesting wrestling career, he has recorded many achievements including an NXT Championship, a WWE Tag Team Championship (which he won with Cody Rhodes), a WWE Intercontinental Championship, WCPW World Championship, and he was named Defiant Wrestling Award for Match of the Year. Also, he won a European Heavyweight Championship, and a Scottish Heavyweight Championship.

Here is all to Know About Him

Beyond wrestling, there are many interesting things to know about him.


Drew McIntyre is from a very small family with as stated, Andrew Galloway Sr. as his father and Angela Anne Galloway as his mother. There is no record of him growing up with any siblings. He lost his mom on 3 November 2012.

Dating and Relationships

Drew McIntyre has been in many relationships in the past. In fact, he has been married twice. His first marriage was to Taryn Terrell, a model, actress, wrestler, and ring announcer. They began dating in 2009, got married in 2010, in a very private event, and by 2011, it was public that the two had gone their separate ways. The wrestler tried to date another professional wrestler named, Kelly Kelly, but she refused to date him because of his wild anger issues.

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel was the next woman to take up the mantle of being Drew McIntyre’s wife. The two got married in 2016. Interestingly enough, Kaitlyn Frohnapfel is not a wrestler or anyone in the entertainment sphere as you would expect, instead, she was said to be a trainee doctor as of 2016. She had her education from the University of South Florida where she went after graduating from Largo High School.

Height and Weight

Of course, as a professional wrestler, you would expect that he more than anything else, should have a good height and body weight. If you had expected this, then you are not wrong as is the case. He has a height of ‎6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m) and a weight of ‎265 lbs (120 kg).

Net Worth

Even though the actual net worth of Drew McIntyre is not known, many sources have stated that he has a net worth that is less than a million dollars. Quite a number of them put the actual amount at $550,000.