Who is Durv (The Youtube Star) and Why Was He Terminated

Who is Durv (The Youtube Star) and Why Was He Terminated

Born under the lucky zodiac sign of Pisces is Durv, the incredibly famous YouTube personality who is best known for his bottle flip contests and prank calls in videos. The British YouTube vlogger has gone a long way in registering his name among the top YouTube moguls in his time with a channel that has about 2 million subscribers.

For those who know little or nothing about who we are talking about, here are important facts about Dylan McEvoy, also known as Durv and why he was terminated.

Who is Durv?

The YouTube star was born in Crawley, England, on March 14, 2003, and he launched his first YouTube channel in July of 2016,  introducing himself as ItzDurv in a video he named “Shoutout Sunday #01 – Grow Your Channel! Gain Active Subscribers!”. Durv rapidly gained popularity through his tricks about doing free gift card giveaways. He would deceive his fans by outing free gift card giveaways at the beginning of each of his videos and would tell his followers to subscribe, press the bell, and leave a comment in order to take part in the giveaway and possible, receive a gift card. Most of his highly watched videos involve him talking about a killer clown. In fact, in one of his videos, he made a prank call to a McDonald’s in a John Cena voice. Unknown to his subscribers, Durv was only increasing his number of subscribers, likes as well as boosting his viewership.

As much as his YouTube channels grew, Durv was heavily criticized for using this clickbait to indirectly enrich himself through viewer subscriptions. By October 2016, he was already having over a hundred thousand subscribers. This grew by a bigger from that month to April 2017 when he reached a million subscribers. To prove how rapidly the channel grew, Durv was already having about 1.4 million subscribers by the end of May 2017, which was barely a year after he launched it.

Why Was He Terminated

On May 31st, 2017, Durv’s channel got terminated for ‘violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines’, The termination notice came a few months after he uploaded a video where he was claiming that his school is threatening to terminate his channel. Although he was gaining much popularity via his video uploads, Durv knew he had lots of haters basically from those who knew all about his pranks. His videos also had a high number of dislikes as it was said that his channel contained bots which made it possible for him to have nearly the same estimated likes and dislikes.

Who is Durv (The Youtube Star) and Why Was He Terminated
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What made Durv’s “MY SCHOOL IS DELETING MY CHANNEL” video controversial was that he gained one of the highest subscriptions and viewership from it. According to YouTube reports, Durv gained over 6 Million views as many got introduced to the infamous line, “Wanna Join My Free Giftcard Giveaway”. He also claimed that among the reasons his channel was being terminated was because he uploaded videos that promoted violence three times in a row” which, according to him, include “throwing a snowball into a car”. Funny enough, Durv knew his video contents are bad too. He even jokes about it on his Twitter account which also has massive followers.

On June 26, 2017, an unnamed individual exposed Durv as a liar and a cheat, pointing out that the XBOX Live gift card design which Durv use to entice his viewers did not look like the XBOX Live gift card design of 2017. Instead, it was a 2012 XBOX gift card. More to it, it was exposed that other card designs like the iTunes gift card were older than they appeared and that the Club Penguin is no longer a game. More indication on his claimed gift card giveaway was that he mistakenly called it a “500 dollar (383 pounds) gift card giveaway” forgetting to use the UK currency.

Ten months after his channel was terminated, it was reinstated, and to formally announce his return, Durv, in April 2018, posted a new video he named “I’m back”. In the video, he claimed he is done making gift card videos and “will make videos that everyone would want to watch”. He, however, lost about 97,000 subscribers but despite his loss, the young YouTuber is also gaining more subscribers and viewers. His channel is said to have over 3,000 views and about 2,500 dislikes compared to 203 likes.