Everleigh Soutas – Bio, Parents, Family of The TikTok Star

In an age of increased social media popularity, just about anyone can become a star regardless of age or gender and the charming Everleigh Soutas is a testament of this fact. For those who aren’t too familiar with the name, Everleigh is one personality who has been in the spotlight before she could even walk. Today, she is a young celebrity popularly known for the adorable videos of hers posted on major social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok. Read on for more interesting details about her.

Everleigh Soutas’ Biography

Everleigh Rose Smith Soutas was born in Orange County, California, on the 14th of December 2012. From the time she was born, she possessed a charm that lit up every space she was in. Soon enough, she began facing the cameras with her mother during photo shoots as early as the age of six. In no time, she developed into a little star who easily impressed photographers who took pictures of her. Everleigh’s natural charisma and confidence were so glaring that her mum decided to make random videos of her to upload on social media platforms.

One particular social media platform her mother selected, which was relatively new at the time, was the TikTok platform. Everleigh’s mum, Savannah, created a new TikTok and Instagram account for her and named it ForEverAndForAva. This account was launched when Everleigh Soutas was just six years old. At this time, Everleigh had a best friend named Ava Foley with whom the adorable videos were created, hence the name “ForEverAndAva”.

Everleigh Soutas’ Parents & Family 

Anyone who knows Everleigh Soutas or has at least followed her on social media would easily notice how happy and confident she is. One thing that can be attributed to this bubbly personality of hers is the fact that she has a highly supportive family who showers her with lots of love.

Though her birth was plagued with several issues, due to the fact that she was born out of wedlock. The reason for this is that when Everleigh’s mother, Savannah Soutas LaBrant, was just 18 years of age, she got pregnant and later had Everleigh at the age of 19. To date, Savannah doesn’t talk much about her daughter’s biological father whose name is speculated to be Tommy Smith. Nevertheless,  things have definitely turned around for the better.

Savannah later met a new man named Cole LaBrant, a social media personality as well in 2017. The pair fell deeply in love and were married a few months later in July 2017. The interesting part of this is that though Cole is actually much younger than Savannah, he has managed to fit in well in the role of stepfather to Everleigh. No wonder she is so chipper.

Other Information About Everliegh Soutas

1. Natural Fashionista

Everleigh has shown that she is not like some regular kids her age who couldn’t care less about what they wear, let alone looking fashionable. In fact, some kids tend to throw a fit when being overdressed but definitely not Everleigh Soutas. For her, every day is another chance to get glammed up by her mom and she has a good excuse – she is a rising star who makes interesting videos for her increasing social media fanbase.

2. Best Friend Forever (BFF)

Everleigh Soutas has a best friend named Ava. The pair have been close ever since they were toddlers. Interestingly, Ava’s mum (Michelle Folley) and Everleigh’s mum were also childhood besties and even into adulthood the ladies have remained close friends. As a result of this, they decided to pass down such amiable friendship to their daughters hence, the Tiktok and Instagram account named, ForEverAndForAva. On TikTok, both little girls appear in the various videos together.

3. Social Media Numbers

Everleigh Soutas is not doing bad at all when it comes to the followers she has on both TikTok and Instagram. The account “@ForEverAndForAva” jointly shared with her best friend Ava, is managed by Savannah. So far, the ladies have over 400K followers on Instagram and more than 1 million TikTok fans.

4. Everleigh’s Features and Attributes

Asides the fact that she is a smart girl, the young social media star is known for her lovely grey eyes and natural blonde hair.

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