Grant Shaffer, The Graphic Artist – Facts About Alan Cumming’s Husband 

Grant Shaffer, The Graphic Artist – Facts About Alan Cumming’s Husband 

Grant Shaffer is a talented Graphic Artist and Illustrator whose works have gained international recognition. He has worked with many household names in Hollywood and he has been applauded on many occasions for his creativity. It is also interesting to note that the artist has exchanged marital vows on two occasions with the popular British-American actor, Alan Cummings. Learn all about the bio of the Graphic artist and his husband below.

Biography Of Grant Shaffer, The Graphic Artist 

Although Grant Shaffer has been linked to many big names in the entertainment industry, the man still remains a very private person. He has not talked much about his background information nor has he opened up about where and when he was educated.

The only known detail about his early life is his year and place of birth; he was born in 1965 and his hometown is San Francisco. He was raised within that vicinity and when he decided to build a career as an Artist and Illustrator, Grant stayed back in San Francisco to achieve his dream.

The talented illustrator has also worked for several decades in Manhattan and he is notable for his association with publications like The New York Times, The New Yorker, and Interview Magazines. Moreso, Grant has done some creative work for Penguin Random House, working on illustration books for children. The artist has also gone ahead to host 12 solo exhibitions and has had his work showcased in 14 group shows so far.

Grant Shaffer is notable for being a lecturer of Illustration in the  School of Visual Arts, New York and he also teaches General Art in Hetrick-Martin Institute which is located in the same city. Grant is the brain behind the popular comic 30 Kinds Of Passion which was listed among the Best American Comics Guide in 2008.

The versatile illustrator is also a creative content creator whose ideas contributed to films like Zoolander, Angels in America, Closer Little Children, Wall Street 2, and Charlie Wilson’s War. His creativity has also been beneficial to music icons like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Beyoncé as he helped them put together several music videos.

Granty Shaffer’s Relationship With Alan Cumming

When talking about celebrity gay couples, Alan Cumming and Grant Shaffer’s relationship will definitely make it to the top. However, they have not revealed the exact details that orchestrated their romantic dalliance. It was only gathered that the duo dated for about two years before exchanging marital vows on the 7th of January, 2007 at a ceremony held at Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London, where they became civil partners.

Grant Shaffer, The Graphic Artist – Facts About Alan Cumming’s Husband 
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It is also interesting to know that some time into their relationship, the couple made it known that they would love to start a family. Alan Cumming has mentioned that they were considering the possibility of adopting a child. However, the pair came to the conclusion that they were living very busy lives and they could not presently cater to the needs of any child. Nevertheless, their bond continued to grow stronger and by the next year, they decided to get married again. This wedding ceremony was held on 7th January 2012 in New York City. Alan and Grant renewed their vows once again to each other and this time their union was sealed legally.

They are currently still together and there has not been any sort of rumor about them breaking up. Moreso, Alan Cumming and Grant Shaffer have been supportive of each other in their career pursuits and it is paying off well as they are among the best in the entertainment industry.

Other Facts About Alan Cumming’s Husband

• He loves animals especially dogs and he owns two adorable pet dogs named Honey and Leon.

• Grant’s husband, Alan, was married to a lady identified as Hilary Lyon for about 8 years before annulling their marriage.

• It has also been stated that Grant Shaffer’s husband is bisexual and is attracted to both women and men.

• Although Grant has not been linked with any partners prior to Alan Cumming the same cannot be said for the latter who is known to have previously been in a serious relationship with Nick Philippou for six years.

• Grant has made a pretty good sum for himself from his creative work as a graphic artist but he has not been very open about his earnings nor his net worth. However, it is a known fact that his partner Alan sits on a whopping $5 million total net worth, which he undoubtedly generously shares with Grant Shaffer.