Harry Shum Jr – Bio, Wife (Shelby Rabara), Height, Body, Ethnicity, Age, Gay

Harry Shum Jr – Bio, Wife (Shelby Rabara), Height, Body, Ethnicity, Age, Gay

Many call him a Latino, but there’s so much more to Harry Shum Jr’s hunky looks and versatility than we know. In his own word, he has had the best of many worlds and has sure made the best use of it to up his game as an entertainer in the industry. If you are still not sure who we are talking about, go look for Step Up 3D and you’ll surely know him. He is one of the best dancers the entertainment industry can boast of and he never fails to deliver in the many roles he plays in movies.

Harry Shum Jr Biography (Ethnicity and Age)

Harry Shum Jr. is a versatile singer, actor, choreographer, and television producer. He was born in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica on April 28, 1982, in San Jose Costa Rica. His background is a very interesting one and has had people questioning the actor’s ethnicity. Moreso, many have referred to him as a Latino which would not be so wrong considering the fact that he was born in Costa Rica. To unravel the mystery, Harry Shum’s father is a native of Guangzhou, China while his mother is of Hong Kong descent. His parents had relocated to Costa Rica before his birth and proceeded to have their family of three children there until they later moved the entire family to San Francisco.

In attestation to the many worlds and cultures, he has been a part of, Harry Shum Jr speaks English, Cantonese, and Spanish. He schooled at San Luis Obispo Area and graduated from Arroyo Grande High School in 2000. He had always thought he had a flair for theatre and sports however his taste diverted after auditioning for a dance team in High School. He later attended San Francisco State University but dropped out to better focus on his dance career having been motivated by watching other skilled and talented dancers in the field like Ginuwine, Dru Hill, Usher, Gene Kelly, and the late king of pop Michael Jackson

He made his television debut in 2003 when he featured in an episode of Boston Public, but had his best roles in movies like You Got Served (2004) and Stomp the Yard (2007), Step Up 2: The Streets (2008), White Frog (2012), Step Up 3D (2010)and Tv series like Shadowhunters and Glee among others. He started his Dance Career on BET’s Comic View in 2002. Harry Shum Jr has also danced at concerts for Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and Jessica Simpson. For his many works, Harry has amassed a net worth of $14 million.

Is Harry Shum Jr Gay? 

After he acted Shadow hunters, there had been discrepancies on the topic of Harry’s sexuality especially as many fans of the series felt he has to have a direct line to gay thoughts to have executed a gay character so well. However, Harry is as straight as they come, and he has not openly spoken or ruled against the fact that he was accused of being gay, but since he has a beautiful wife to go back to every day, we can sure rule out the possibility.

Harry Shum Jr – Bio, Wife (Shelby Rabara), Height, Body, Ethnicity, Age, Gay
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Wife – Shelby Rabara

Harry started dating his now-wife Shelby back in 2007 in a long courtship that saw them get engaged in October of 2013 and eventually get married on November 22, 2015. Shelby Ann Narito Rabara is a sweet-loving woman who has the affairs of her family at heart, she is quite easy-going and has a very outspoken personality. She was born on October 5, 1983, in Orange County, California, and is a Filipino American Actress and is also a dancer like her husband. Back in the day, Shelby was a cheerleader with the Laker Girls of the Los Angeles Lakers; a basketball team. She never knew the love of a father because she was raised by her single mother alongside her two siblings. She attended the University of California Los Angeles and graduated with a degree in world arts and cultures.

Shelby’s movie debut happened in 2009 when she appeared in Spring Breakdown where she acted as a Sorority Girl. Among her many credits are movies like 17 again where she played the role of a Cheerleader and Dance Flick (2009) where she acted as a Ballet Dancer. She also had some screen time on Television series like Grounded for Life (2005), The Bold and Beautiful (2005), Cold Case, Viva Laughlin, Greek (2007), My name is Earl (2008), House M.D and Community (2009), Glee in 2009/2010, The legion Extraordinary Dancers in 2010/2011, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2011), Bunheads  (2013), Dr. Ken (2015) and Steven Universe in 2015 till date.

The couple lives in Hollywood Hills in a three-bedroom apartment and work very hard at supporting each other’s dreams.

Body Measurements and Height

Harry Shum Jr is not much of a tall person, he is 5 feet 11 inches tall and he weighs 65kg or 143lbs in pounds. His chest is 39 inches large, with a waist size of 30 inches and 14 inches for his Biceps. He has black hair and Eyes.

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