Here Is Everything You Must Know About Serena Jung, The Korean Nicki Minaj

Social media has become a global village where everyone can showcase their talents, passion, life dreams and become popular by so doing. One of such people who have taken advantage of social media platforms to rise to fame is Serena Jung, a Korean-American Model, and Instagram Personality. She is very popular for her pictures (sometimes nude) which she posts on Instagram and other social media platforms.

It is not unlikely to come across popular media personalities who are known for almost nothing except for the contents they post online which has become their only known profession. Such is the case with Serena. She is known for her sexy pictures, her beautiful curves, and superb body features. Disregarding this, the beautiful Instagram personality is widely known for her work with Maxim.

Maxim is an international magazine with a circulation in the region of about 9 million per month. It is dedicated to portraying the photographs of female singers, models, and Actresses whose careers are at a current rise. Being a men’s magazine with a global market (75 countries) for both Maxim Digital and Maxim Magazine; it is a big deal if not a breakthrough for Serena Jung to model for Maxim Korea. This was in 2015 and for the October edition.

Modeling for Maxim brought Miss Jung more fame; it was no wonder her fan base on social media rose especially with the several racy photos that she began posting. She posted pictures from her modeling shoots and photos from her everyday life; juicy pictures that were too spicy to resist and so her followers grew to over 150,000.

Serena Jung’s Bio

We are certain that Serena Jung was born in Seoul, Korea, on 19th January 1991, her full native name is Jung YeonHyeong and she was raised in Seoul. The model who currently resides in New York goes mainly by the name Serena for reasons best known to her.

There’s almost nothing known about the Korean Model’s parents. Although we know that she is Korean-American, we are not certain of how this mix came to be. Is it a case of immigrating and becoming citizens or is it one of mixed parenting? These questions beg answers that we hope would be answered by the Instagram star soon enough.

Serena is known for her light skin and slim frame like most Korean females but her amazing curves and chocolatey-tanned skin stand her out. She readily flaunts these awesome features in sport wears, swim wears, casual wears, exquisite dinner wears, themed shoots, and just about any outfit. The model also readily displays her features in the nude.

Apart from Maxim magazine, the Korean-American has also modeled for Dsquared2 underwear. This helped in further building her brand as a hot model and social media personality. She has gone on to do more modeling gigs and her fans are privy to some of the steamy photos on her Instagram account.

Serena Jung definitely loves lying in the sun so as to get a perfect tan on her skin. Beyond this, the friendly and hilarious model also enjoys having lots of fun from bike riding to playing in the pool and of course, shopping.

One can safely conclude that this model who posts nudes seems to be private still because efforts to learn a thing or two about her education have not been fruitful. We do not know if she is attending, attended, dropped out from or never received any form of formal education. We can only hope that her beautiful body is complemented by a beautiful and smart mind, irrespective of her educational status.

Has this Capricorn found love? The man in her life will sure be thrilled to have this amazing pack of delight to himself. Uncertainty, however, trails this thought as we do not know who he is or if he even is.

The net worth of the Korean-American is roughly summed up to about $3 million. This seems believable when one considers her vast popularity on social media and her increasing modeling gigs. But then, it is only a rough estimate and does not represent the true value of her wealth.


Quick Facts About The Korean Nicki Minaj

Real Name: Jung YeonHyeong

Date of Birth: January 19, 1991

Birth Sign: Capricorn

Birthplace: Seoul, Korea

Profession: Model

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Residing City: New York

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Likes: Food, hanging out with friends

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