How Did John Corby Die and What Was His Net Worth Before Death?

One way or the other, sooner or later, everyone passes on. But what endures is the impact you make with your life while you still have it. For fans of John Corby, he will always be remembered with a fond heart and a warm smile. According to his fans, he was a rare gem that could light up anyone’s day no matter how drab it was.

Corby was employed as a much-loved radio broadcaster for WTVN, where he ended his career totalling over three decades in the industry. He was the host of the stations late afternoon drive-time show until the time of his passing. Fans of his popular drive-time show were more fans of the man than of the show. They were quick to express their grief at his passing when his sudden death was made public on Saturday, January 20, 2018.

John Corby’s Early Life 

The media man’s inspirational story began at Nelsonville, Ohio, on March 26, 1956. He was raised by his parents; John Michael and Betty Corby and attended Logan High School where he was a stellar student in the area of sports. By the time he graduated, he was arguably the school’s star athlete.

After his time at Logan High was over, Corby enrolled at Ohio State University. Here he continued his fine sports form, playing collegiate baseball and excelling in the position of a catcher.

Many expected that he may go on to have a fruitful career as a professional sportsman, however, John Corby went in an entirely different direction. His first job was as a journalist with WNCI radio where he fulfilled the role of news director. He was soon saddled with the responsibility of co-hosting the station’s morning show.

Corby’s time at WNCI was beautiful. This ensured that he was courted by other radio stations as he was eventually employed by WTVN in 1984. His performance with the station saw him rise quickly to become its most popular broadcaster. This was mostly down to his personality than the show he presented. He ended his time with WTVN in 1994 after a decade of consistent performance.

John Corby subsequently joined Pittsburgh’s KDKA but his time with the station was relatively short-lived. He then returned to WTVN for his second stint with the radio house in 1997. His second stint proved just as successful as his first as he garnered thousands of listeners who hung on to his every word. His late afternoon drive-time show was uplifting and therapeutic to its listeners. He was also responsible for popularizing The Big Bass Brothers and the Billy Ray Vulgar radio shows.

John Corby was loved for his ability to be understanding and relatable as well as direct and unyielding, each in appropriate measure. He was never afraid to speak his mind and address issues as he felt right. Yet, he possessed empathy and could speak to the heart of his listeners. The on-air personality spent the bulk of his 30-year journalism career in his hometown, effectively making him a local household name and one of the town’s heroes.

Like his career at WTVN, Corby also had two stints around the matrimonial block. His first marriage was to a woman named Jennifer Long Corby. Unfortunately for John, his romance with Jennifer took on a sour note when she died in 2006. She was just 50 years old at the time. Corby did have a daughter with Jennifer though. She is known as Emily Passias.

After a while, the radio journalist decided to give marriage a second try. He married his second wife, Jodi. The couple lived together until tragedy struck again, this time taking John with it in January 2018.

Cause of Death: How Did John Die?

The reason for John Corby’s death is still up in the air. Although the on-air personality died unexpectedly, it was never confirmed that he died from any terminal disease. Some media outlets published that the popular radio host died of complications from the flu, however, this was never substantiated.

Corby passed away at Mount Carmel West Hospital, surrounded by his family members. He was survived by his wife Jodi, his daughter Emily, his sister, nephew and niece.

Net Worth Before Death

Throughout his career, John Corby worked at three different radio stations and was exceptional at his job. It is within reason to assume that he made good bank in over 30 years of his career. However, there is no reliable source that states the media man’s net worth.

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