Is Stephen Belafonte Related To Harry Belafonte? Facts About His Parents & Net Worth

Is Stephen Belafonte Related To Harry Belafonte? Facts About His Parents & Net Worth

American film producer Stephen Belafonte is a force to reckon with in Hollywood. He has received praises and publicity for his work in various movies. However, he is mostly remembered for his marriage to a British singer and member of one of the greatest girl bands of all time, Mel B. Their marriage and subsequent separation were responsible for thrusting him deeper into the limelight. Get to know more about the film producer in the paragraphs that follow.

Who Is Stephen Belafonte?

Stephen Belafonte was given birth in 1975 on the 18th of May in Hollywood, Los Angeles. His interest in filmmaking began when he was a kid. In 1997, he bagged a degree in film production from Loyola Marymount University. In college, he made and directed some short documentaries.

Upon leaving the university, he decided to go into making movies full-time. The first movie he made was the satirical comedy Thank You for Smoking (2005) which was adapted from the novel of the same name. The movie features Aaron Eckhart as the spokesperson of a tobacco company. Its release was met with positive reviews from critics and viewers.

Mutant Chronicles (2008) was the second movie he worked on. The science fiction film is based on a game albeit loosely. In 2009, he is credited for working on the neo-noir film Bad Lieutenant.

His Relationships

In his lifetime, Stephen Belafonte has faced numerous charges of assault, especially by the women he has been in relationships with. Belafonte was first married in 1997 to a certain Hawaiian woman called; Nancy Carmell. Carmell would come to annul the union just after two years in 1999, revealing that Belafonte had been physically abusive to her.

His second marriage to Mel B was no different. In the wake of their highly publicized divorce, Mel B has recounted how abusive Belafonte was to her and made her feel “ugly” and less of herself. She also alleged that the film producer took charge of most of her wealth which resulted in her losing almost everything. Their marriage produced a daughter named Madison before ending in 2017.

In response to the claims leveled against him by Mel B, Belafonte called her a “narcissistic liar,” pointing out that Mel B has no facts to prove that he beat her up and that one of the occasions which she said landed her in the hospital is false. Stephen said it was her drug abuse instead that landed her in the hospital.

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In addition to his spouses, Belafonte has a long rap sheet rife with fights he has had with other people in the past.

Is He Related To Harry Belafonte?

Stephen Belafonte is in no way related to the famous Jamaican-American singer, Harry Belafonte. As his then-wife Mel B would come to reveal, Stephen only chose the name in order to attract attention in Hollywood.

Stephen’s decision was also in a bid to reinvent his image and flee from his dark past of poverty and suffering. It did work as it has opened doors for him in the entertainment industry.

What Is Stephen Belafonte Net Worth?

Stephen Belafonte has been quite successful in his career as a film producer. However, he hasn’t quite made it to the big league that includes the likes of Peter Jackson (worth $450 million) who is among the richest guys in the film producing business. Stephen’s net worth is estimated at $1 million.

Belafonte could have been worth more had his ex-wife Mel B been able to pay him the £6.5 million that the court-ordered in 2017 as part of their divorce settlement. Unfortunately, it was discovered that Mel B had lost the bulk of her fortune at the time and had her checking account read a meager $1,300, a far cry from her wealth during her heydays which peaked at over $50 million.

In Mel B’s legal filing done in July 2018, it was revealed that she paid Stephen $422,000 in 2017.

Facts About His Parents

Stephen Belafonte was born to parents named Thomas and Sheryl Stansbury. His parents were separated when he was a kid, leaving his mother with the responsibility of catering for him and his six siblings, including one whose name has been revealed as Jeremiah Stansbury.

Upon their parent’s separation, his mother relocated with them to a low-income neighborhood in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, where she depended on welfare to afford basic needs. His father Thomas would only make occasional visits.

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