Jacksepticeye Girlfriend, Height, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Gay, and Markiplier

Jacksepticeye Girlfriend, Height, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Gay, and Markiplier

Jacksepticeye is a professional video game commentator who started posting videos on his YouTube channel to millions of well-entertained subscribers soon after graduating from college with a degree in Hotel Management.

His most popular video titled Mirror’s Edge with the Oculus Rift alone has seen more than 7 million views while he has over 8 billion video views cumulatively. As he continues to produce and post more entertaining videos, his video viewership and overall popularity will continue to soar high. Here is all the information there is to know about his bio, age, girlfriend, gay or not, net worth, and his association with Markiplier.

Jacksepticeye’s Bio (Age)

Jacksepticeye whose real name is Seán William McLoughlin was born on 7 February 1990 in Athlone, Ireland to Irish parents where he had 4 other siblings; 2 boys and 2 girls. He is the youngest of them all. Though details of his parents and his educational background are not known, however, we know the names of his siblings to be Allison, Susan, Malcolm, and Simon. Growing up, Jack, as he was nicknamed by his mother, was very close to his sister Allison who is now a writer just like their brother Malcolm.

Want to know about his unique nickname?

He was first nicknamed Jack by his mother in his childhood as this was a common name for people named either Sean or John in Ireland and UK. His siblings amplified the usage of this name to address him and it was soon used by all his schoolmates. Jack as well didn’t have any qualms about the name being a cool-headed guy.

While in school, he got a severe injury on one of his eyes which later got infected soon after. The infection led to the eye building some liquid and leaking the same as well. His friends in school took this to be funny as most kids would and decided to honor the bad eye with the name “SepticEye,” this was quite an ingenious nomenclature from them and in like manner Jack accepted it. It wasn’t too long before they figured out that the coinage of his two accepted nicknames was best for him and thus, the nickname he is famous for today- Jacksepticeye was coined.

Rise to Fame

He created his YouTube account on February 24, 2007, but didn’t start posting videos or making game commentaries immediately not until November 12, 2012, when he uploaded his first video, a solid snake impression which attracted some attention at that time. It was followed by “Let’s Play’ video games of ‘Dark Souls’ and ‘Far Cry 3” by which time his channel has started seeing millions of views. Some of his well-known game series include but are not limited to “The Sims 4”, “Undertale’ and ‘Subnautica”, “The Escapists” etc.

Jack is not an island YouTuber, he is friends with other celebrity YouTubers and at one time or the other worked with some of them. Some of his Well known friends in the industry include PewDiePie, ChaoticMonki, and Markiplier whom we will briefly tell you about.

Jacksepticeye Net Worth

Sean definitely enjoys doing what he does, more so, it is what has made him a subject of our research and writing here. His video game commentary penchant has put him at a net worth of over $12 million. This figure is expected to rise as he keeps on doing well in his career.

His Girlfriend or is he Gay?

As expected, the YouTuber is not averse to women but he is not without controversy or rather a plaything he made to be controversial. His girlfriend’s name is Signe Hansen, her nickname and YouTube channel name is Wiishu. She is a digital artist from Denmark who used to be a fan of Jack and still is. They started chatting on Tumblr and after some time got into a romantic relationship. Jacksepticeye made his debut appearance in one of her YouTube videos in 2015 and this to a large extent agrees to the possibility of their being together. The two lovers live together in Ireland.

The hullabaloo about whether he is gay, bisexual or straight started when one of his fans tweeted him asking the questions. Jacksepticeye responded in a rather playful manner by tweeting back that the fan should ask Markipiler that he definitely knows. This response was followed by a wink emoji.

Markipiler on his own part has suffered a series of accusations from fans and other people insinuating that he is gay. However, he is not known to be gay or bisexual as he has a girlfriend known as Amy Nelson a graphic designer and animator known on the internet of things as Peebles. The two lovers started dating in 2015 and are still known to be together to date.

Now, what is the relationship between Jacksepticeye and Markiplier? Are they really a gay couple or just two professionals who have a liking for each other. Were they formerly with each other before they decided to try out dating women?

Jacksepticeye Girlfriend, Height, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Gay, and Markiplier
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Jacksepticeye and Markiplier

These two are well-known celebrity Youtubers. Still on the gay thing and been aided with inkling Jack gave when asked about his sexuality, some of their fans paired them up as a gay couple with the duo’s name being “Septiplier.” Well, whether they are gay couples or not, they are two are friends whose careers have seen them working together. We also know with facts that they have their respective girlfriends who are doing fine being in their lives.

Height and Body Stats

Our subject in this write-up is a handsome young man with brown hair and blue eyes. In-depth details of his body stats are not known, however from his looks we know he has an athletic body build with moderate muscles on display. His height is found at 5 feet 9 inches with a bodyweight of 68kg.