Who Is James McAvoy’s Secretly Married Wife After Anne-Marie Duff?

Who Is James McAvoy’s Secretly Married Wife After Anne-Marie Duff?

In as much as public personalities and celebrities tend to live their lives on the front pages of the newspaper, we tend to forget that these people are indeed human beings who at times want to be as far away from the limelight as possible in order for them to be themselves and enjoy some of the finer things of life without any intrusion. This could be one reason why actor James McAvoy’s has chosen to secretly marry his new wife without the usual fan fair that comes with such an occasion in the tabloids.

Another reason why McAvoy may have opted to maintain a low profile with his new wife may be as a sign of respect to his former wife and still close friend, actress Anne-Marie Duff and their son Brendan. Unfortunately for the X-Men actor, however, his unwillingness to divulge information regarding his personal life has raised a certain level of curiosity in the media and among admirers of his work. People want to know more about the woman that was able to get his attention following the end of his eleven-year marriage and whether or not she played any role in it coming to an end.

Who Is James McAvoy’s Secretly Married Wife?

In late 2015, McAvoy began filming his role as Kevin Wendell Crumb, a sufferer of dissociative identity disorder (DID) who has 23 prominent personalities in the psychological horror thriller film, Split (2016). This film is the second installment in the Unbreakable trilogy by filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan. While filming, the actor began getting close to one of Shyamalan’s production assistants, Lisa Liberati. Not much is known about who she is other than the fact that she has worked for Shyamalan for a while and is a native of Philadelphia. Some of the productions of the filmmaker in which she has played a behind-the-scenes role in include Species (1995), Devil (2010), and The Visit (2015). In Species, Lisa got an acting credit as a Bathroom Bimbo.

At the time when the two were getting close to each other, James McAvoy was going through a divorce from his wife, so his attraction to a worker on the set of his film was not seen as a big deal to be reported by any publication. About two months after divorce proceedings were completed, Lisa and James began a full-fledged relationship that allowed them to go public with their love for one another. They did so by posting a number of pictures of themselves attending a Halloween party on their individual Instagram pages.

Not much was subsequently heard about the couple until 2019 when Lisa Liberati was spotted wearing a wedding ring. News of this sent the tabloids into overdrive as rumors of a possible secret wedding between James McAvoy and his girlfriend began swirling around.

It was later reported that the pair did indeed get married as confirmed by Director Jamie Lloyd, a close friend of McAvoy. Lloyd, who has worked countless times with his close friend, most recently at the upcoming West End play – Cyrano de Bergerac, reportedly believes the pair wed in private. Speaking at an industry event, it was further reported that the director was overheard describing how Lisa, who he referred to as James’ wife, often visited her husband during rehearsals, before adding that they got married recently.

Neither Lisa nor James nor his representatives have spoken to either confirm or deny the report.

Who Is James McAvoy’s Secretly Married Wife After Anne-Marie Duff?
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Did Lisa Liberati Play a Role In Ending McAvoy’s Marriage to Anne-Marie Duff?

As mentioned above, James McAvoy was already in the process of divorcing his then-wife, Anne-Marie Duff, when he began filming the movie that led to him meeting his supposed future wife.

In May 2016, Duff and her husband, who wedded in October 2006 after meeting on the set of the comedy series Shameless (2004-2005), released a joint statement announcing that they would be going their separate ways. The pair said the decision was a sad one, however, they looked forward to sharing continued friendship, love, and respect as they focused on caring for their son, who was born in 2010. They went on to ask for privacy from the media as they handled the intricacies of the proceedings behind closed doors.

It was later revealed that the pair would share a home in North London when not working elsewhere in order to minimize the disruption to their son’s life. It is not clear if this arrangement has since changed as James McAvoy’s supposedly secretly married a new wife.

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