John Elway Wife, Age, Son, Daughter, Family, Height, NFL Career

John Elway currently serves as the Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager of the National Football League team Denver Broncos.

Quick Bio (Age)

John was born on the 28th of June, 1960. John and his twin sister were born in Washington in an area called Port Angeles to parents Janet and Jack Elway. His father Jack was a one-time Head Coach at the Port Angeles High School. Their family wasn’t the largest, John has a sister Lee Ann who was just a year older than the twins.

As is common amongst most professional NFL stars, John Elway’s romance with the game dates back to High School whereas a player he was known as the Dual-threat Quarterback which meant his impressive passing ability, he was also adept at escaping pressure and intense running.

NFL Career

Due to his father’s influence, Elway not only played football but he also played baseball, during his time at Stanford University, he played both sports successfully. In the year 2000, Elway was enshrined into the College football hall of fame. And in his baseball career, he was selected by the New York Yankees in the second round of the draft of the 1981 Major League Baseball Draft.

Aside from playing sports back in college, Elway graduated with a degree in Economics and is also a member of the Tau Delta fraternity. In his professional career, Elway was drafted by the Baltimore Colts as their first and overall pick in the NFL Draft of 1983, however, John was wary of playing for the Colts because he was warned by his father against playing for the Colts coach who his Dad knew to be a hard taskmaster.

Elway had problems negotiating his contract with the Colts and was asked to be traded. He threatened to join the Yankees full-time if he wasn’t traded off due to his supposed desire to stay on the west coast. He was also denounced by NFL legend Terry Bradshaw who called the player out and told him to remain permanently a baseball player, insisting that titles in the NFL couldn’t be won with players with such an attitude.

The transfer fiasco was resolved when Colts General Manager Ernie Accorsi who always wanted Elway, came out and said the Quarterback was his first choice at the Franchise. When he left the Colts and joined the Denver Broncos in what was the most anticipated move in the history of the NFL at the beginning of the 1993 season, it was so eagerly anticipated that local newspapers ran sections with the headline “The Elway Watch”.

He peaked in the 1986 season when he led the Broncos to the Super Bowl XXI after they defeated the Cleveland Browns. In the following year, 1987 Elway received further glory when he won the NFL Most Valuable Player Award. He then achieved the greatest feat of a pro ball player when after eight years he led his team back to the Super Bowl in 1997. And at the end of his glittering 16-year career at the Denver’s, Elway called time on his career in 1999. He finished his career recording the highest wins as a quarterback. He also goes down in history as the player with the second most successful passes in NFL History.

John Elway Family, Wife

John Elway met the love of his life, Janet Buchan while playing football and baseball back in College at Stanford University where she competed on the school’s swimming team. They fell in love and later got married. The couple is blessed with four kids.  Elway’s marriage to Janet ended when the once happy pair got separated in 2002 and finalized a divorce in 2003. John Elway remarried in August 2009 to the former Oakland Cheerleader Paige Green.

As earlier mentioned Elway had a twin sister but she sadly passed away when she succumbed to lung cancer at age 42.

Son, Daughter

John’s first daughter Jessica attended Stanford and was on the University’s Basketball team. His first son Jack followed the sporting footsteps of his father and he is currently the quarterback at Cherry Creek High School in Colorado. The other children are Jordan and Julianna Elway.


John Elway is blessed with an impressive body frame, he stands at 6 feet 3 inches which is approximately 191 cm and 1.91m. John weighs about 215 lbs. (98kg).

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