John King – Biography and 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

John King is widely known as an American journalist and television show anchor, famous for hosting the CNN shows, Inside Politics and State of the Union. He is also popular for his own eponymous show that aired every night at 7 pm before it was canceled by the network. He has covered major news events in the United States and abroad including national elections, the Persian Gulf War, and Haiti government reclamation. For the sake of his popularity, abundant questions have been asked about this King over the years and a good number of them have been left without answers; let’s fix that.

John King Biography

The renowned journalist was born on August 30, 1963, in Boston, Massachusetts to parents of Irish heritage. He got his early education from Boston Latin School before going on to the University of Rhode Island’s Harrington School of Media and Communication. There, he bagged a bachelor’s degree in journalism and thereafter, King was set to kick off his professional career.

He started as a writer for Associated Press; this was in 1985. A few years later, he was promoted to the position of chief political correspondent, leading AP’s coverage of the 1992 and 1996 U.S. presidential elections. As he was good at his job, it wasn’t a surprise when he won the AP Editor’s Association Prize; this was for his coverage of the Gulf War in Kuwait.

After 12 career defining years at Associated Press, John moved on to CNN to serve as the senior White House correspondent. He was promoted and made the chief national correspondent in 2005. In no time, he became the anchor of the hard-hitting political analysis program, Inside Politics. John King is also a regular on 360 and The Situation Room, news programs that run nightly on the network. He is credited for inventing “Magic-wall”, a multi-touch news collaboration used to provide various perspectives on the 2008 U.S elections.

John was once the host of the CNN talk show, State of the Union, before stepping down in 2010 to host his own show, John King, USA. He was the first journalist to confirm the death of the terrorist, Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011. Followers of the 2012 national elections would recognize John as the man who moderated the Republican Presidential debate before the primaries. He is one of the most powerful voices in the American political landscape and one of the most famous journalists in the world. John King has reported from over 70 countries in the world and every state in America.

The acclaimed journalist has received numerous awards and recognition for his reporting. Some of which include an Emmy Award for his role in covering the 2006 Elections, two George Foster Peabody Award, Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, Distinguished Achievement Award, and an Honorary Doctor of Letters. John had also received honorary doctorate degrees from American University, URI, and Hobart & William Smith Colleges. He has a very successful career, and with this success has come wealth and fame. He is one of the highest earning journalists in the world and is currently estimated to have a net worth of $2 million.

John King has been married and divorced twice. His first marriage was to Jean Makie, with whom he had two children named Noah King and Hannah King. He found love again, this time with a fellow CNN anchor . The two tied the knot in 2008 after a passionate year of dating. They welcomed their first child together in 2011, a boy they named Jonah King. However, things soon turned sour between the two and they went their separate ways in 2012. Neither of them has made known the reason for their divorce, but they continue to be actively involved in co-parenting their son.


Five Interesting Facts You Need To Know

1. He is a very vocal renouncer of President and his obnoxious policies. Not only has he criticized his stance on important political issues; he has called Trump a liar on national TV by proclaiming to everyone watching that Trump thinks they’re stupid.

2. John King comes from very humble beginnings. His parents were blue-collar workers, so they didn’t have a lot while he was growing up. He has held several unflattering jobs since he was a kid, starting with delivering newspapers to working as a dishwasher, mover, and bartender before getting his break as a journalist.

3. He was the one responsible for breaking the news about military cover-ups in the Persian Gulf War, especially about the presence of American troops in the region.

4. He is not one to shy away from the truth. He once criticized his employers, CNN for their unwillingness to tell real stories in real time instead of regurgitating the same news cycles unnecessarily.

5. John King became the subject of controversy and anger in April 2013 after he misleadingly reported that the police had arrested a dark-skinned male as the chief suspect for April 15, 2013, Boston Marathon bombing, when no such thing had happened.

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