Johnny Fratto – Kids, Family & Net Worth

Fans of the American radio talk show The Howard Stern Show was thrown into mourning on the 5th of November 2015 when news broke out that Johnny Fratto, one of the show’s regular and favorite guests had drawn his last breath after battling with cancer.

Prior to his death, Johnny Fratto meant a lot and so many things to different people. He was a husband, father, grandad, an entrepreneur as well as a talent manager who gave his best to promote his business and clients. Fratto’s immense popularity in the industry has not only been linked to the Howard Stern show, but also to fields of interest where he lent his business expertise, and experience. Join us and we unveil everything about the deceased talent manager.

Early Life and Career Achievements

It was on the 12th day of August 1954 that Fratto’s parents gave birth to him in Des Moines, a neighbourhood in Iowa, in the United States. Johnny holds an American nationality and belongs to the white ethnic background.

His dad, Louis Fratto, was a prominent figure in the U.S, particularly in Iowa where he was a popular mafia and the Mob Boss of the city. Louis was also a businessman famed for being the only distributor of the Canadian Ace Beer.

Despite his dad’s influence as the Mob Boss of Iowa, Johnny rather considered himself as the Paris Hilton of the Mafia while his brother Frank Farrell was a hit man for the mobs. Louis and Carmella are also parents to Carmie, Willie, and Tommy. Sadly, Frank died in the year 1969, in a plane crash.

Currently, there is no available information detailing Johnny Fratto’s educational background, however, it is no news that he launched his career many years ago. Fratto is best known in the competitive market as the founder of the power bike and bicycle company, the Beverly Hills Choppers which is situated in Beverly Hills, California.

Despite standing among other elite rivals such as Orange County Chopper, the businessman’s company has continued to make giant strides. According to the company’s website, celebrities such as Martha Stewart, , , , , Lil’ Jon, Damon Das, , , to mention a few, have been spotted on a Beverly Hills Chopper while the likes of , , actress, singer, DJ, model and fashion designer , and Nicole Richie are owners of personalized Beverly Hills scooters.

Prior to Fratto’s death, he served as the spokesman and president of his company. He was also the owner of “Son of a gun” pasta sauce and the co-founder of the “Johnny Fratto Social Club.” The deceased entrepreneur also featured as a guest in an episode of the American television program Deadliest Warrior as the mafia expert for Al Capone group.

Family: Wife and Kids

Johnny Fratto’s lifetime was marked with all-around success, including in his marital relationship. Like his entrepreneurship and TV career, the talent manager’s marriage was blissful and productive as well.

Although the particular year the star got married to his wife is not known to the public, the two happily lived together until the year 2015 when Fratto died from cancer in Los Angeles, California. Jowanke Fratto and Johnny were blessed with five lovely children named Angela Fratto, Will Fratto, Alexis Fratto, Joey Fratto, and Johnny Fratto Jr, an up-and-coming actor.

Net Worth

Johnny Fratto had a wealth of financial incomes during his lifetime and his bike and bicycle company was one of them. Unfortunately, the talent manager’s net worth has not been calculated although it is believed that it runs into millions of dollars.

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Other Interesting Facts about Johnny Fratto

1. His full name is Johnny Lew Fratto.

2. Johnny was best of friends with American media personality, Paris Hilton. The socialite received a $250 thousand worth of Swarovski Encrusted Motorcycle from the talent manager’s company in the year 2005 for making their brand famous. The actress’ scooter, till date, remains the most incredible bike the company has ever designed.

3. The talent manager was also a friend to Eric Shaun Lynch, popularly known as Eric the Actor or Eric the Midget. The two are the initiators of the “Johnny Fratto Social Club” on the Howard Stern Fan Network.

4. Apart from his business career, Johnny Fratto was a top-notch writer and the co-author (along with Matthew Randazzo) of the book “Would You Read This Book If I Threatened to Kill You?”, which recounts his experience as a mafia Prince in Midwest.

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