Kanye West Height, Weight, Age, Body Measurements

Kanye West is perhaps one of the finest and most talented human beings on the planet earth. He has earned his wealth and fame through his music career. However, making it in the crowded entertainment industry requires much more than just the talent to sing or rap. How many people out there have the talent but have only ended up being frustrated? For a celebrity in the caliber of Kanye West, there is a lot more attributes working for him.

If you are ardent fan or even most critical enemy of the rapper then it is only natural that you wish to know all the facts about him. We have carried out research on your behalf and found out a variety of information, including some of the most private to share with you. In this post, we will focus on Kanye West’s age, height, weight and body measurements.

Why is this information important? Well, to make it as a celebrity, the image you portray is vital. Poor body measurements could seriously jeopardize your chances of succeeding in the crowded American entertainment industry. All celebrities understand this and they usually spend fortunes just to look their best. There are many other reasons but you will have to ask the celebrities themselves to explain to you their reasons.

How old is Kanye West?

Keen and professional eyes can pick details in a person’s body and approximate his or her age. I bet you are not such person and you could be wondering just how old the Hollywood star is. The good news is that most jurisdictions keep meticulous details of a person’s birth and death. Available information indicates that the rapper was born on June 8, 1977 (age 38) in Atlanta, Georgia, US.

He was raised in Chicago and started to school there only to drop out in the 1990s to pursue a career in music. At the age of 10 years and prior to him quitting school, West moved with his mother to Nanjing, China and attended a school there which forced him to learn Chinese. He has since forgotten the language almost entirely. At 20 years, the rapper dropped out of school claiming classwork was interfering with his musical work.

The action was seriously unpleasant to Kanye West’s single mother who was also a professor in the same institution but she later came to terms with it. The singer and music producer actually produced a song he titled College Dropout, in the song, he talks about having the guts to embrace who you really are, rather than following the path the society decided to carve for you. This statement also holds true for many of the celebrities who became successful after dropping out of school or college to pursue the rather uncertain entertainment careers.

Kanye West’s Body Measurements

That is a big word but it is used to define the size and proportions of a human body. In addition to being a rapper, the star is also a fashion designer. This means he cares much about body measurements. The man has an athletic body with what is considered normal appearance. He weighs approximately 75 kilograms or 163 pounds and is 5 feet 8 inches (173 centimeters) tall. According to reliable sources, the rapper does not lift weights. This is a departure from the norm of male celebrities who are known to lift weight to achieve the athletic body shape.

This successful and most acclaimed celebrity wears shoe size 12. When it comes to other measurements, the songbird does not work his body out much making it difficult to obtain such information. Considered his age and the fact that he has natural body, you can only assume what he would look like when he is topless. According to some sources, the man does very little to maintain his weight that is why he fluctuated from 70 kilograms to 75 kilograms. It remains to be seen but it is quite hard to keep fit and athletic without involving yourself in some kind of workout regimen.

Maybe he isn’t overly bothered about ageing the way other celebrities do, but if he is then he may have to think twice about increasing the amount of time he allocates to working out. Well, this is purely a personal decision and we will just have to wait to see what he does. As it stands now, Kanye West is healthy and fit with what can be considered normal height and weight for his age. I believe he is very watchful of his diet and physical activity.

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