Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend, Wife, Brothers And Mom

Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend, Wife, Brothers And Mom

We all know that basketball players and athletes as a whole are notorious for their way with the ladies, given their amazing build and even more impressive income, they are quite the catch. Nevertheless, Kevin seems to be as private as he can be when it comes to his love life. So who is Kevin Durant’s girlfriend?

Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend

Would you believe us if we said we are as clueless as you? Well, that’s highly unlikely, join us as we explore his past relationships and finally reveal who is currently Durant’s girlfriend.

Letoya Luckett

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This dating timeline begins sometime in 2011 when it was rumored that he was involved with the R&B singer, Letoya Luckett. The two were spotted having dinner in Las Vegas and though there were no confirmations to the claims, the rumor mill was already churning.

The couple was allegedly together from December 2011 till October 2012, the truth behind it can only be revealed by Durant and Luckett themselves.

Monica Wright

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This particular relationship got the most coverage because it was like a match made in basketball heaven. Who is the woman in question? Her name is Monica Wright and she currently plays for the Perth Lynx of the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL). The two hit it off sometime in January 2013 and were engaged 7 months later.

Their engagement was short-lived and 11 months later, it all went down the drain. Obviously, there were quite a few speculations as to why it ended. On one hand, it was infidelity, while on the other hand, it was a disagreement over religious beliefs. We don’t know which is a fact or rumor but here is what the athletes have to say about it.

Durant told GQ in an interview in January 2015, ‘I had a fiancee, but … I really didn’t know how to, like, love her, you know what I’m saying? We just went our separate ways.’

Clearly, he is a man of few words, here is what Wright had to say, ‘I was engaged last year and it kind of changed that relationship big time because I was going in a direction that unfortunately a lot of people aren’t willing to sacrifice their lifestyle for.’ It’s all very vague and cryptic, but we trust the general public to dissect every word.

Jasmine Shine

Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend, Wife, Brothers And Mom

Soon after he split up with his ‘basketball princess’, he moved on to Jasmine Shine. Apparently, the two have had an on and off dynamic going since they knew each other ‘back in the day.’ Their relationship got hot and steamy real quick, with him occasionally referring to her as ‘wifey’ but it seems as if their ‘on again’ status was as a result of the athlete needing a little rebound action.

Why do we say this, well, it didn’t last, before we could blink he was on to the next one.

Crystal Renee

This relationship started in late 2014 and is currently still going on. There have been rumors linking him to several other women, but the signs keep pointing back to Crystal Renee.

She is a singer, actress, and model, also she sure knows how to hold a man down. So there is hope that she might actually make it to the altar with the athlete.

Kevin Durant’s Brothers

Kevin Durant has two brothers, Tony and Rayvonne Pratt, and here is all we have got on them. His older brother Tony is obviously an important part of his life, during his MVP acceptance speech, Kevin referenced his brother saying, ‘You’ve taught me to feel confident in myself, believe in myself; that I could do it when I didn’t think I could do it.’

Tony, who is usually spotted sitting courtside with their mother, Wanda also had a pretty good college basketball career, but unlike his brother, he did not reach the NBA.

Rayvonne, on the other hand, seems to be out of the public eye and doing a great job at it too, but we are sure he’ll come up on our radar sooner or later.

Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend, Wife, Brothers And Mom

Kevin Durant’s Mother

His tattoo of her name on his torso already says it all, Kevin does not joke with his mother. She practically raises him on her own and he is ever grateful. Wanda Pratt is a regular at his games and to show how important her journey was, there’s a Lifetime movie being made based on it. Wanda has expressed nothing but joy at the heights her son has reached in the NBA, which mother wouldn’t?

She continues to offer her unending support and she remains one of the closest people in his inner circle.

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