Lance Stephenson Height, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth, Biography

Lance Stephenson Height, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth, Biography

One amazing talent in the basketball hub who has got fans and the media drooling all across the world is Lance Stephenson. The super talented basketball player, known for his exceptional playing skills has got lots of fans with questions about details on his life, Here is a rundown of all you need to know about him.

Lance Stephenson Biography

Lance Jr Stephenson is an American born on the 5th of September 1990 in Brooklyn, New York. Lance attended Lincoln High School in Brooklyn where he was popularly called Mr. New York Basketball. He also attended the University of Cincinnati for his college education. Lance’s passion for Basketball started at age 12, it was clear that he had a future in Basketball. His school Abraham Lincoln School had a reputation for breeding excellent basketball youngsters.

While at Lincoln, he played five games in six nights during one stretch. He also led Coney Island’s Lincoln High to an unprecedented four straight city titles. In his junior year, he was the only non-senior named to the USA today’s all USA boys basketball team. He has won City Basketball Championships in all four years of high school. While in New
Jersey at the ABCD camp, Lance challenged O.J Mayo one on one and gained fame. After leaving camp, he has won several awards ranging from The Big East Rookie of the year award in 2010, Mc Donald’s All American 2009 to Mr. New York Basketball 2009. He currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers and is in the process of signing a
contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves of NBA. By 2017, Lance Stephenson owned his own record label which he named Born Ready.

Net Worth

Many would wonder how much the basketball star is worth. Stephenson has in the course of his career, accumulated a net worth of $12 million. He signed a contract with the Hornets in 2014 worth over $27 million which spanned three years. Lance has a market value of $33 million.

Family Life

Stephenson was born into the family of Lance Sr and Bernadette Stephenson. He has a younger brother called Lantz. His father, a heating plant technician was a basketball player during his teenage years. He played at Lafayette High in Brooklyn and
traveled cross-country to play at UC Santa Barbara. Lance Sr, also known as “stretch” has always been the driving force behind his son’s development. While Lance Jr was growing up, he had him run on the shores of the beach and trained to run pushups within the
shortest possible seconds.

Growing up in a neighborhood blighted by guns and drugs, Lance Sr invested what he could to ensure his son stayed off crime and street life. He attended meetings for an anti-drug community group called Coney Island Lives for Youth and gave fat donations towards anti-drug movements.

Lance Stephenson Height, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth, Biography
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Girlfriend, Kids

His love life has been sort of cryptic; he has been in multiple relationships since his teenage period. In 2010, he was said to have dated a model Jasmine Williams. She was rumored to be the mother of his first child Liara which was later debunked. Reports had it that he brutally assaulted her and threw her down the flight stairs and was charged with third-degree assault when he was arrested, but eventually, the case was dismissed. Prior
to his case with Jasmine, he was arrested in October 2008 for allegedly groping a 17-year-old in school. He, however, faced a class b misdemeanor sexual assault charge.

Stephenson has also been in a relationship with Love and Hip-hop star K Mitchelle, with whom he has been on and off. They met in 2013 and broke up months later after which they came back in 2014 but broke up again following rumors of Stephenson cheating on her. Later it was discovered that Feby Torres was the lady he was cheating with. He met Feby Torres in 2013 and had two kids with her – Liara and Lance. Currently, the kids are with her while he is saddled with providing child support.

Lately, Lance Stephenson has been in the news due to the lawsuit with his girlfriend over their children. Feby alleged that the child support of $6000 per month being by Lance is not enough to cater for two kids. In 2017, Stephenson welcomed a third child named Leya on 6 June, but the mother is yet unknown.

What is Lance Stephenson Height?

Lance Stephenson boasts of an intimidating physique that comes in handy in court. He is about 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) tall and weighs about 230 lbs (104 kg). He has black hair and his eye color is also black.