Lori Wachs – Bio, Facts You Need To Know About Ali Velshi’s Wife

Lori Wachs is an American businesswoman and corporate executive. She is presently a partner and co-founder of Springboard Growth Capital, an investment firm that primarily invests in female entrepreneurs’ businesses. She is an alumnus of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and has worked with the prestigious investment bank, Goldman Sachs, among other financial institutions of high repute. Wachs is married to Canadian journalist . She lives in Pennsylvania with her two children.

Lori Wachs – Bio

Lori Wachs was born on the 11th of August 1968 in New York City, United States to Kenneth and Roz Pearlman. After completing high school in New York, Wachs attended The Wharton School of Business, the University of Pennsylvania where she graduated magna cum laude with a finance degree. As a testament of her academic performance and brilliance, she earned a nomination and consequently became a member of the highly regarded Phi Beta Kappa Society while at the Business School.

Soon after graduating from Wharton, Wachs commenced work with the renowned investment bank, Goldman Sachs as an analyst. She spent two years there before landing an analyst job at Delaware Investments. She ended up spending 18 years at Delaware Investments and rose through the ranks during this time to become a Portfolio Manager and Vice President.

Not one to rest on her laurels, she would go on to snap up the President job at Cross Ledge Investments. In 2018, she was tapped for an Entrepreneur in Residence role at Springboard Growth Capital. She remained with the firm as a Partner and Co-founder to date.

Facts You Need To Know About Ali Velshi’s Wife

Net Worth

Lori Wachs has an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars. Her net worth without a doubt is a result of her earnings from years of experience as a successful businesswoman and financial services executive.

Marriage to Ali Velshi

Wachs husband Ali Velshi has worked for many years as a senior economic correspondent for NBC News and CNN. He also co-hosts MSNBC show, Velshi & Ruhle alongside .

Wachs first met Velshi when she went on his show on CNN. Not long after the show, they began dating. This carried on for a few years and ultimately resulted in a marriage in 2009.

Velshi is Canadian but of Indian descent. His was born in Nairobi, Kenya though he grew up in Ontario, Canada and attended Northern Secondary School. After leaving secondary school, he went on to study at Queen’s University for a degree in Religious Studies.

Lori Wachs’ husband has gathered lots of experience in the course of his career as a journalist. He started out as a reporter for CFTO Canada and went on to work as a business anchor at CablePulse 24 as well as CityTV. He later joined Canada’s premier business news focused network, Report on Business Television to host its prime-time show, The Business News. This was before the name was changed to Business News Network. He joined CNNfn in 2001 after moving to the US and hosted shows like Business Unusual, Your Money, Insights and The Money Gang (he was a co-host of the show alongside Pat Kiernan).

After CNNfn was shut down, he was absorbed by CNN where he hosted or was featured on several shows including The Situation Room, American Morning, CNN Election Express, Energy Hunt, Anderson Cooper 360° and Your Money.

Velshi had been married for a short period before he turned 30 years of age. He did not have any children before meeting Lori Wachs and he is Muslim.


Lori Wachs had two children from her previous marriage to Marin Wachs. Her daughter, Erica Wachs is a graduate of Yale University where she studied for a degree in English. Before completing her studies at Yale in 2018, Erica was actively involved in the University’s Dramatic Association and was its operations manager between 2015 and 2016.

She was also Career Coordinator for the Drama Coalition. Erica was a recipient of the prestigious Windham-Campbell Literature Prize. Her internships include stints at Jax Media and 20th Century Fox. As a professional, she works as a Writers PA for movie and television show streaming service, Netflix.

Lori Wachs other child is her son Eli Wachs who is in his junior year at Stanford University where he is studying for a degree in Economics and History. During his time in high school, he created an organization called High School HeroesX with the objective of organizing competitions among high school students who come up with solutions to issues within their localities. His deep interest in technology has led him to do internship assignments in the technology groups of companies like PJ Solomon and General Atlantic.