Lucinda Southworth’s Wiki, Wedding, Children, Bio

We have had all sorts of celebrities on here and we assure you that we have never talked about anyone in this category. She is a well-known personality and it is mainly because she is the wife of one of the most influential men on the planet till date. His name is Larry Page and he is none other than the co-founder of Google. It is in that vein that we are going to check out the topic of Lucinda Southworth’s wiki, wedding, children and her bio.

Sit tight, as this is going to be quite the interesting one, especially since we are starting with Lucinda Southworth’s wiki.

Lucinda Southworth’s Wiki/Bio

Lucinda Southworth’s wiki would be grossly incomplete if we did not mention the fact that she was born on 24 May 1979 to Dr. Cathy Mclain and Dr. Roy Southworth. She had a good childhood and as such, she was quite the bright student. We do not know where she completed her high school education, but she went on to pursue her university degree at the University of Pennsylvania and obtained her master’s degree from Oxford University.

That was not all for this bright lady; she went on to obtain a doctorate degree from Stanford University and that was not too long ago. Her research topic was Comparative Analysis of Expression on Data on Eukaryotic Organisms. Well, that is enough about her educational prowess; let us move on to her life as a whole.

She is believed to be a social bee and is seen at many A-list events, most especially charities. She has a strong passion for charity work and has made it a point of duty to immerse herself in it. In addition to that, she has been seen at a number of top-notch events such as Vanity Fair dinners and after-parties, as well as the Oscar’s and its after-parties.

She has a combined net worth with her husband and believe us when we say that it is quite sizable and impressive. The both of them are said to be worth roughly $29.2 billion and it is supposedly rising as fast as can be. This is quite commendable and we have to give it to them for attaining such a great height.


Lucinda, more popularly known as Lucy, started dating her husband in 2006 and the two decided to get married a year and a half later. By all means, the wedding was quite big and exquisite as a whole. This was quite expected of course. The couple was joined together in holy matrimony on Necker Island which is a Caribbean hideaway owned by Richard Branson, a virgin group billionaire.

The wedding had some very prestigious guests in attendance; there were 600 friends from Stanford and other notable people like the current president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and a host of other prominent personalities. News of the wedding was all over the place for days and it was quite the A-list event.


Lucinda and Larry have been blessed with two children and they were born in 2009 and 2011 respectively. The high-class couple has done their best to keep their kids out of the limelight and they have certainly succeeded as there is not much information out there about their children.

Maybe when they grow older, we will be able to get a closer look at the lives of these children. For now, this is all we have on the topic Lucinda Southworth’s Wiki, wedding, children and her bio.