Lyndsey Gunnulfsen Biography, Gay or Straight, Relationships and Affairs

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen Biography, Gay or Straight, Relationships and Affairs

Have you heard of the female-led American rock band, PVRIS? Maybe not! In any case, just read on because here is everything you need to know about the band and its beautiful frontman (or should I rather say frontwoman?), Lyndsey Gunnulfsen.

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen Biography

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen (or Lynn Gunn, as she prefers to be called) was born on March 15, 1994, in Boston, Massachusetts. There is little information about her growing up or early life. Her parents are Peter Gunnulfsen and Cathy Gunnulfsen. Her father is a builder while her mother is a school teacher. Another family member is a sibling, an older brother, Nathaniel Gunnulfsen who she has mentioned in several interviews. She had said in an interview that her interest in music started at a very tender age while growing up with her family and that she had to steal her brother’s guitar to learn how to play music. That was the beginning of her journey with music which has proven successful at least at the moment.

For high school, Lyndsey Gunnulfsen went to Lowell High School in Lowell and she graduated in the year 2012. Her pilgrim in high school could be said to be very rewarding as it was there that she kicked off her music career. Her debut came in fifth grade when she registered to participate in a school talent show. Accompanied by her brother, Lyndsey did justice to her chosen song. She decided not to further her education by going to college and formed a rock band to the disappointment of her parents. Her inspiration to start a rock band came in seventh grade after watching Paramore in a live concert. Lyndsey Gunnulfsen is American, she holds American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity.


Lyndsey Gunnulfsen’s career began while she was in high school but she only became popular with the rock band, PVRIS. The band was formed in 2012 after she graduated from high school and had become inspired by the Paramore band. The PVRIS band started off with the name PARIS as a five-man band whose members included Kyle Anthony as the vocalist, Brad Griffin as the drummer, Lyndsey Gunnulfsen as the keyboardist, and rhythm guitarist, Alex Babinski as the lead guitarist, and Brian Macdonald as the bassist. The formation changed, however, in 2013 when Kyle Anthony left. Lyndsey became the band’s lead singer.

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen Biography, Gay or Straight, Relationships and Affairs
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The band started off playing in shows and even went on a mini-tour before releasing their first EP on March 26, 2013, titled Paris. They would officially adopt the name “PVRIS” as the band’s name to avoid legal infringements later that year (2013). It was also in 2013 that their drummer, Brad Griffin left, leaving Lyndsey, Alex, and Brian who are still members of the rock band to date. In 2014, they joined the Ice Grills on a musical tour in Japan and the band played with two American pop-punk bands State Champs and A Loss For Words.

The group released their first album later in the same year titled, White Noise after being signed up by the metal label, Rise. The album included tracks like White Noise, Smoke, Eyelids, Mirrors, St. Patrick, Holy, etc. All the tracks in the album were written by Lyndsey Gunnulfsen and it sold about 100,000 copies in the United States and the UK. The band released a second album in 2017 (August 25) titled All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell with tracks like Heaven, Same Soul, No Mercy, Anyone Else, etc. Lyndsey Gunnulfsen was co-producer of the album alongside Blake Harnage.

Is She Gay or Straight?

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen is not straight. Her sexual orientation is gay/lesbian. She opened up to her mother through a letter. She left the note under her mother’s pillow as she was leaving for her first tour with PVRIS. Lyndsey seeks to become a role model for the LGBT community and for young people who would want to be like herself because she never had anyone in that frame to look up to which made coming out openly as gay a little bit awkward for her.

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen’s Relationships and Affairs 

Lynn Gunn has had a couple of relationships since she openly identified as gay. Her first girlfriend’s name is not known but Lyndsey says it was an interesting relationship. It lasted for two years and she also credits her for helping (Lyndsey) open up to her parents about her sexuality. Lyndsey Gunnulfsen’s first official relationship was with Alexa San Roman, who is also a musician. Their relationship began in October 2012 and they dated for three years before they separated in September 2015. Lynn started dating Twilight actress, Kristen Stewart in 2015 and they seem to have called it quits. Presently, her relationship status is not known.

Quick Facts About Lyndsey Gunnulfsen

Name: Lyndsey Gunnulfsen

Known as: Lynn Gunn

Profession: Singer, Musician

Birthdate: March 15, 1994

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts

Parents: Peter and Cathy Gunnulfsen

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 45 kg

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color: Brown

Net worth: N/A.