Manu Rios – Bio, Facts and All You Need To Know About The Spanish Actor

Manu Rios – Bio, Facts and All You Need To Know About The Spanish Actor

Starting from a very young age, Manu Rios has always had a knack for captivating and entertaining other people. He started uploading videos on YouTube at the age of nine and several years down the line, he has become one of the most influential social media stars in his home country of Spain. He has always been passionate about music and dance but going by his astonishing popularity, there seems to be no limit to what this multitalented star can achieve as he literally has the world at his feet. From music to photography, singing, dancing, and acting, this dude has got it all. While his music career is still in its formative stages, his modeling career is flourishing and he equally has his eyes set on Hollywood.

Manu Rios Bio

This multitalented internet star was born Manuel Rios on the 17th of December 1998. He was born in the city of Ciudad Real in central Spain. Virtually every member of his family has musical talents and thus one can say that the apple did not fall far from its tree.

His father is Manoli Rios and his mother Julian Rios worked as a hairstylist. Growing up, his mother’s clients usually formed an audience for his singing and dancing performances. He received training in singing and ballet dancing starting from a young age and he also learned to play the guitar. Manu Rios grew up alongside an older brother named Josemy.

Shortly after his earlier music videos hit the internet, Manu Rios caught the attention of the production team of the regional TV show Cantando en Familia. He got featured on the show followed by appearances on several other TV shows. The talented youngster featured in the music game show Tú sí que vales where he reached the semi-finals and he equally took part in the reality talent contest Cántame cómo pasó.

In late 2010, 11-year old Rios landed his first major acting role in a theatre production of the musical Los Miserables: El Musical at the Lope de Vega Theatre (Teatro Lope de Vega) in Madrid, Spain.

The multitalented star is also working with different music producers with the aim of creating his own songs. He has performed covers of several popular songs and has been nicknamed the Spanish Justin Beiber even though he is yet to drop his first single.

Manu Rios – Bio, Facts and All You Need To Know About The Spanish Actor
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Things To Know About The Spanish Actor

1. Social Media Presence

It is well known that Manu Rios first ventured into show business through his self-titled YouTube channel which was created in September 2009. From uploading his self-edited amateur music videos, this star has indeed come a very long way. He has now amassed up to 1.2 million YouTube subscribers and well over 34 million cumulative views.

However, his biggest success is on Instagram where he has as many as 4.2 million followers. These astonishing numbers are not just for the sake of record-keeping as they are a literal gold mine for the Spanish-born star. Manu has been described in some quarters as the influencer of influencers.

Owing to his love for photography, Rios originally joined Instagram merely as a means of sharing his pictures with his friends. His soaring internet profile has earned him the attention of several reputable modeling agencies and he ultimately got signed to the prestigious international agency Next Models.

2. Manu Rios’ Influences

Rios speaks Spanish and English fluently and according to him, he would love to learn the language and culture of the Japanese someday.

Just like he has millions of people across the world who are in awe of him, Manu Rios also has some other celebrities he adores. One of such notable names is the New Zealand singer and songwriter Lorde. He has other musical influences including Frank Ocean, LANY, and Lana Del Rey.

3. Height and Body Measurements

Manu Rios’ array of talents are certainly unquestionable. However, it is interesting to note that he equally has extremely good looks going for him. The Spanish-born hunk stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm). He has a chest circumference of 35 inches (90 cm) and a waist measurement of 30 inches (76 cm). He has short brown hair and his eyes are green in color.