Messi’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

There’s no better time to get to know more about one of the best footballers of all time than now. Give us your undivided attention and join us as we dig up more information on the, somewhat private football player, you’ll not be disappointed. You may recognize him for the same reason everyone else does (football), but how much do you really know? Do you know Lionel Messi’s height?

Did you know that his first contract with FG Barcelona was drafted out on a piece of a paper napkin because the Club Director was so anxious to sign him and there was no paper readily available? Or that his actual first name is Luis? Though we do not intend to focus much on this, you’re welcome.

Now that we have dropped a couple of fun facts as an appetizer, here’s the main dish.

Lionel Messi’s Height

We are here to educate you, so sit tight. Lionel Andrés Messi, was born on, 24 June 1987 and he has come a long way since then. Football has obviously always been his passion, as he started playing professionally at the age of 6 when he joined Newells Old Boys, a Rosario club. What does this have to do with Lionel Messi’s height? We are getting there sooner than you think.

The footballer player’s future professional career suffered a violent hiccup when he was just 10, he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency and although many promises were made to secure his promising future, his family was stuck between a rock and a hard place. The treatment cost $1000 per month and money still isn’t growing on trees, but we all know the story has a happy ending.

When he was 14 years old he completed treatment for the condition,  and after a year at Barcelona’s youth Academy, Messi became an integral part of the “Baby Dream Team”, Barcelona’s greatest-ever youth side. Who else is curious about Lionel Messi’ height now? Well the star athlete stands taller than he thought he would be, at 5 feet 6 inches.

Lil Wayne, Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood, share Lionel Messi’s height, and though he may not be Michael Jordan tall, we bet the football player is grateful.

We can say with no doubt in our hearts that Lionel Messi is as fit as they come. Have you ever ran a lap round a football field? Imagine running round a football field for an hour and thirty minutes, honey, you would be as fit as fiddle whether you liked it or not. We cannot help but respect him, a lot, Lionel Messi’s height was something he had to struggle to attain and now the star athlete equally has to work hard to maintain his fighting weight of 67 kg.

Do you need proof that it’s no small hustle to keep fit? Giuliano Poser, an Italian nutritionist, has been helping the athlete to maintain his weight since 2014. His weight loss was noticed last year when a Spanish newspaper, AS, published a story featuring the shocking fact that Messi had to give up pizza to drop a few pounds. Pizza! If that’s not a sacrifice, I don’t know what is.

Messi’s diet now consists of; water, good quality olive oil, whole grains, fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and fresh vegetables. He is so brave.

Lionel Messi’s Body Measurements

We were so lost in all the intriguing details about the athlete, that we forgot to give you a brief description of him. Here is all you need to know. It is not news to us that Lionel Messi’s height is 5 feet 6 inches tall but here’s what is we have not touched; the football player has an athletic build (like he has a choice) with dark brown eyes and the same shade of brown hair.

If you ever see a Barcelona jersey with the number 10 on it, it’s an imitation of Lionel Messi’s Jersey. May fans across the globe don themselves with the popular player’s jersey.

That is not all folks, the star athlete may not be the biggest man on the planet, but he has a pretty decent shoe size. The gods of shoe sizes smiled upon him as he wears a US size 10, European size 43 and a UK size 9.5 and you know what they say about big feet? Well, neither do we.