Michael Jordan’s Height, Weight, And Body Measurements

Growing up, you must have lived under a rock if you were not familiar with his name, Michael Jordan was a household name, in every household. You didn’t even have to like basketball or Michael Jordan, to know about him. It’s no doubt that the 53-year-old, retired basketball player has made quite the name for himself and with such relevance comes our need to explore. Let’s start with Michael Jordan’s height.

Michael Jordan’s Height

Boy, do we have stories for you on this topic. Michael began his athletic career when he was in high school, dabbling in baseball, football, and basketball. It wasn’t until the sophomore year that he decided to follow his passion and try out for the varsity basketball team, but at 5’11, he was too short.

That could have been a pretty good moment to give up and no one would have blamed him either, considering his friend, Harvest Leroy Smith and his brother, Larry, were both given a spot on the team. Despite this he did not relent, as he joined the junior varsity team, proving to everyone that he was a force to be reckoned with.

While all this was happening, puberty set in and Michael grew 4 inches over the summer, thus qualifying him to join the team at last. By the time he was ready for college, he was towering above his peers at 6 feet 6 inches, and he got more than his fair share of sports scholarship offers. After weighing his options, he accepted a basketball scholarship to North Carolina, where he majored in cultural geography.

Also, here’s a ‘fun fact’, remember his brother Larry? Well, he would have actually been the family’s star basketball player, but Michael outgrew him and used his height to his advantage, while Larry might have seen his own height as an obstacle. Who knows, if he had pushed himself like Michael, we would be making a fuss about a whole different Jordan brother.

Till date, Michael Jordan’s height is still 6 feet 6 inches and other celebrities who share, Jordan’s height are Kobe Bryant, Batista, and Darryl Strawberry.

Michael Jordan’s Weight

Though he may not ‘play the game’ anymore, the athlete certainly tries to look the part. As an athlete, Michael has been different sizes throughout his career till date, in his rookie days, Michael started off at a weight of 88 kg and by his comeback in the early 2000’s with the Washington Wizards, he was 101 kg. Despite all this, his ideal playing weight was 97kg.

These days, the athlete should weigh around 117 kg. How do we know this? Wright Thompson gave us a little insight into the athletes mind as he clocked 50, in a feature story titled, OTL: Michael Jordan Has Not Left The Building. Here is what he said on the topic.

‘ …Every morning since returning from the islands, he’s been in the gym. At mealtime he texts his nutritionist to find out what he can and can’t eat.Ostensibly, the reason is that he stepped on a scale after leaving the excess palace of Mister Terrible and saw this number staring back: 261.

He added, ‘Nine days later, sitting in his office and surrounded by basketball, he’s down to 248. He’ll claim it’s about health, or looking good for his 50th birthday party. But in his mind, there’s a target: 218, a familiar and dangerous number in Jordan’s world.

He may not be in optimum shape at the moment, but how did he do it back in the day? Michael indulged in a high carb diet to maintain his energy levels, unlike the usual high protein diet we have been seeing these days. According to iFood.tv, the basketball player’s diet contained 70 percent of calories from carbs, 20 percent from fat and 10 percent from protein.

Michael Jordan’s Body Measurements

We wouldn’t dare wrap this up without coughing up his body measurements. His chest is an impressive 44 inches, his waist is 36 inches and his hips are 36 inches. We could not track down his bicep measurements, so we threw in his shoulder measurement, which is 20 inches.

Now for our version of a cherry on the top, check out his shoe size. The athlete wears a US size 13, a European size 46, and a UK size 12.5. So there we have it people, everything related to the legendary athlete and his statistics.

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