Monika Dannemann – Bio and Facts About Jimi Hendrix’s Girlfriend

She may be mostly known as the former lover of the late guitarist Jimi Hendrix but there is more to Monika Dannemann than just being Jimi’s romantic interest. She is known in Germany as a former figure skater, as well as a painter, and she won numerous sports contests with more than a few trophies and medals to her credit. Though she participated in past competitions in Germany at the national level, it was her dalliance with Jimi that brought her to public attention.

Even though their relationship was not made official before the time of Jimi’s demise, Monika Dannemann claimed that the deceased guitarist had popped the big question a few days before his death. Their ostensible dalliance made the headlines post-Jimi’s untimely death at her residence as a result of asphyxiation. From then onwards, Monika became enmeshed in the worst of controversies – Jimi’s sudden demise, Monika’s contradicting tales about his death, her home which was converted into an eerie shrine for the instrumentalist and her nuptials with Roth. In fact, the controversies were unending as it went on to encompass her publication titled The Inner World of , her defamatory utterances about Jimi’s ex-girlfriend Kathy Etchingham and lastly, her own sudden and untimely death.

Monika Dannemann Biography

Information on her birth details and family background is not much but it is common knowledge that she was born in Dusseldorf Germany on the 24th of June 1945 under the Zodiac sign of Cancer. Her given name at birth was Monika Charlotte Dannemann and she is of German nationality as indicated by her country of birth and belongs to the white ethnicity.

There is absolutely nothing to go by on her academic background and qualifications, the educational institutions she attended have never been made public and her level of academic achievements is not known. However, she was a professional figure skater and took part in German Figure Skating Championships on behalf of club Düsseldorfer EG; she got the 16th position at that particular championship.

Facts About Monika Dannemann

Dating history

Jimi Hendrix was on his January 1969 concert in Dusseldorf when Monika Dannemann met him for the first time. Her interest in Jimi was so much that she spent the night and a good portion of the next day with him. According to the grapevine, she followed him to Cologne for his next concert and trailed him to London three months later but unfortunately, Jimi was already with Kirsten Nefer, though he reconnected with Monika after his break-up with Nefer. The duo only had four nights together at her residence in the Samarkand Hotel in Notting Hill Gate before Jimi’s demise which occurred on the 17th of September 1969.

After Jimi’s death, Monika became the girlfriend of Uli Jon Roth, a famed German guitarist of the Scorpions. Though nobody is privy to information on the details of their relationship, they were a married couple and collaborated in the production of many tracks, notable among them is the song titled ‘We’ll Burn the Sky’. They also worked on a few artwork and album cover designs together.

Rise to fame

Before her death, Monika Dannemann was a well-known painter and figure skater. She took active parts in more than a few contests in her career, bagging a good number of trophies and medals. She was at the German national contest representing club Dusseldorfer EG and competed at the national level of German Figure Skating Championships. At the end of her career in skating, she went on to become a coach.

Although her stint as a professional figure skater earned her a good level of respect and admiration from the sporting circuit, it was her brief dalliance with Jimi Hendrix that brought her to public attention. Monica proceeded to make a career out of being the fiancée of Jimi after his death; she was seen granting several interviews to notable magazines, newspapers, among others. She was also at Jimi’s convention as a guest.

What was her net worth?

Monica’s net worth was last estimated at $950,000 which she obviously accumulated from her career as a professional figure skater. Nevertheless, her stint as a painter will definitely take the credit for a digit or two.

Body stats for Monika Dannemann

The figure skater’s height was last listed as 1.61m which was commensurate with her body weight of 53kg. However, information regarding her other body measurements was never published.


In 1996, Monika Dannemann breached an order of the High Court of England and Wales not to repeat the false accusation she previously levelled against Kathy Etchingham and was consequently found guilty of contempt of court. After a couple of days, her lifeless body was discovered in fume-filled Mercedes Benz very close to her cottage located in Seaford, East Sussex. It was concluded that she committed suicide but her husband Roth suspected foul play and did not hesitate to publicize the fact.

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