Morgane Stapleton – Bio, Age, Kids, Family, Other Facts

Even as most people would agree that Morgane Stapleton isn’t one of the most recognizable faces in the music industry, she has flourished as a singer and songwriter. The American musician has had a number of hit songs, including Don’t Forget to Remember Me performed by , Somewhere Else to Fall, You Ain’t Right, Wings of Your Love, You Are My Sunshine, and I Will Someday.

Although she has garnered fame in her own right, Morgane gained more popularity as a result of her connection to the great musician, Chris Stapleton. It is not a secret that she has served in various capacity in Stapleton’s band.

Morgane Stapleton Bio (Age)

The singer-songwriter was born in Nashville, Tennessee as Morgane Hayes on January 25, 1983. As a young child, she enjoyed singing, writing songs, and hosting school programmes. Morgane holds two degrees, one in management and another in human science.

It is said that she entered the music space in 1992, taking-up side gigs and writing songs for established artists. At this stage of her career, she mostly performed with her sister because being the center of attention made her awkward and uncomfortable. The talented singer focused her creativity on working behind the scenes, writing more songs. It wasn’t difficult for her to get constant work singing on demos, she did this until she scored a gig as a backup singer for Lee Ann Womack’s road band.

In 2003, Morgane signed a deal with a popular publishing house in Nashville called Sea Gayle Music as a songwriter. That same year, Arista Nashville Records gave her a record deal, and she went on to records tons of songs for them, but they were never released and she asked to be freed from her contract because she was still terrified of being in the spotlight.

Her breakthrough came in 2005 when the famous country singer, Carrie Underwood, recorded a song she wrote and called her in to sing back up during the recording sessions. The song became a huge hit, and the success began rolling in for Morgane Stapleton. She went on to co-write songs for , Claire Lynch, , , , and Chris Stapleton.

Morgane took a front seat in the making of Chris Stapleton’s debut album, Traveller. Not only did she write some of the songs along with him, but she also served as an inspiration and guide to Chris the entire time the album was being made. The experienced singer earned a Country Music Association Awards nomination in 2016.

Her Kids and Family

Morgane Stapleton has kept details of her personal life private. We know she has a sister, but that aside, not much is known about her siblings and family.

She met her husband, Chris Stapleton while they were both working at a music publishing house. After seeing each other around the building for a while, the singer-songwriters decided to get together on a certain Friday night for a song-writing session, but they were so attracted to each other that they couldn’t get any work done. The night ended up being their first date, and four years later (in 2007), they tied the knot in a lavish, but intimate ceremony.

Morgane and Chris became very involved in each other’s lives and careers. They wrote songs together, sang on each other’s records, and Morgane has been the backbone behind Chris’ incredible success. The couple has four children together, including their twin boys – Macon and Samuel. They recently announced that a fifth child was on the way. From all appearances, their love is stronger than ever.


Other Facts to Know about Morgane

1. Morgane Stapleton played a significant role in helping her husband move on after the death of his father. It was a trying time for him, but she understood that and supported him. She bought a Jeep Cherokee and joined him on a road trip across the country; this gave birth to the Traveller album.

2. The singer-songwriter has a free-spirited personality and sense of style. It’s one of the things that she and her husband have in common.

3. She had her first child in 2010, and she thoroughly enjoys being a mother and raising her kids in a loving, supportive family.

4. Morgane Stapleton has brown hair and green eyes. She can be found on Instagram where she has amassed a massive following.

5. The beautiful and talented singer is estimated to be worth about $3 million.

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