Pekka Rinne Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Where Is He From?

To those who are not very much enthusiastic about hockey, the name Pekka Rinne might not ring a bell. But anyone keeping up with the sport should know a thing or two about the most googled facts about this Ice hockey goaltender.

Beyond his bio and career, the following are the things to know about Rinne’s love life, body measurements, and more. Come with us as we dig to find out more about the man behind the name.

Pekka Rinne Bio, Where Is He From?

Being one of the most reliable goalies in the National Hockey League, Pekka Rinne is a professional hockey goaltender – the equivalent of a goalkeeper in a football game. He is from Finland which is evident in his name and was born on November 3, 1982, to Jukka and Helena Rinne in Kempele, Finland. Pekka has a sister, Anna Pyorala and a brother-in-law, Mika Pyorala. He is currently playing for Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League.

Rinne’s flair for hockey took flight when he was in high school. Following his graduation from high school, he was placed in the minor league. In the 2004 entry draft, Rinne got drafted by the Nashville Predators in the 8th round and as 258th overall. He signed a seven-year deal worth 49 million dollars with the team. It stands as one of the largest contracts in Nashville Predators team history – taking second to Shea Weber’s thirteen-year contract worth 114 million dollars. The hockey star swallows a whooping sum of 7 million dollars every year.

Pekka led the Predators to their first-ever Stanley Cup playoff series win in franchise history in 2011. He has made use of his great skills to push the team to towering heights. In view of that, it is not surprising he earned nominations for the Veniza trophy in 2011 and 2012. Rinne has been termed a tremendous goalie.

Rinne is basking in the final year of his contract with the Nashville Predators which means his contract with the team is fast coming to an end. It is not clear if he will remain with The Preds by having his contract renewed by the team in months to come. We will just have to fold our arms and see.

Wife Or Girlfriend, Is He Married Or Dating?

In April 2013, the handsome hockey goaltender was said to be engaged to professional singer, Kirsi Lehtosaari. Lehtosaari was one of the contestants on the Voice of Finland, a reality show that promotes talented singers like American Idol. Their relationship came to an abrupt end sometime in July 2015. It is not clear why they broke up and neither party has commented on the issue. Rinne has since ceased to follow Kirsi Lehtosaari on social media.

In recent times, rumors have been making rounds that he is giving love a second chance. Sources say that the hot goalie is entangled in an intimate relationship with a blonde, Erika Parkko who has been described as stunning. Erika is said to have stolen Pekka Rinne’s heart. While she is from Finland like Rinne, much is not known about her. However, it is said that she is from Kokta in Finland and has a degree from the University of Oulu.

Rinne is reported to have enjoyed the single status for a while before falling into a romantic relationship with Erika Parkko who works for an alcoholic beverage company. Mr. Rinne is yet to confirm his lovey-dovey status with Erika Parkko. And so has she.

Height, Weight, and Body Features

The Nashville Predators’ goalie stands at 196 cm which equals to 6 ft 5 inches. Right now, he is the fifth tallest goaltender in the National Hockey League. This gives him a super advantage in handling the stick and leg pads that fans have come to associate with hockey games. He weighs a total of 217 lb (98 kg).

His towering and amazing body structure has helped him secure lots of tremendous saves for The Preds. He has been described as a large and athletic goaltender who is great with his hands when it comes to warding off goals. But his lack of concentration during matches has also been an area of concern for many. Still, Mr. Rinne has managed to impress fans with his goal tendering skills.