Natasha Bertrand – Biography, Age, Married, Husband, Height

Natasha Bertrand – Biography, Age, Married, Husband, Height

Natasha Bertrand is one multi-talented person you should know. Not many are aware that she was a sophomore medical student who opted for journalism at college. The young and fearless lady seems to have the key to unlocking the gigantic steps to success in life, you could say most reporters are fearless but Natasha is a different kind of force to reckon with. Her achievements so far at her age are quite voluminous that the internet is almost taken up with her story.

The beautiful lady with charming hazel eyes sees everything in the world from a whole new dimension and you should see her differently too.

Natasha Bertrand – Biography, Age

The famous journalist and writer were born on the 5th of December 1992 in New York. Although an American by nationality, Natasha Bertrand is Caucasian by ethnicity. Natasha, as she is popularly called by all and sundry, would prefer to talk more about her career than say anything about her personal life so not much about her childhood is known to the public including her early educational accomplishments. However, reports have it that she has always been ambitious from her childhood days.

After high school, Natasha attended the Vassar college where she bagged a Bachelor’s degree program in political science and philosophy. After that, she went on to the London School of Economics and Political science where she also obtained a degree in Government and Philosophy.

Wondering how she got into journalism? Well, her journalist spirit can be traced back to her days as an undergraduate at Vassar College. While at Vassar, Natasha Bertrand worked as an assistant editor and op-ed columnist for the school newspaper. She made contributions to both local and international political newsweekly. Her career in journalism blossomed when she got the opportunity to work as a research intern with the EU on the Middle East and North Africa for a Spanish firm called FRIDE in 2012.

Bertrand would later serve as a corporate social responsibility intern in a London oil and gas firm called IPIECA which is focused on Human Rights and sustainable development. Her major breakthrough, however, came in 2014 when she was appointed the editorial intern in Business Insider. In 2016 she got hired by Business  Insider in the primary department of journalists as a result of her high ethical principles and results.

Natasha has gone through stages in the media firm envolving from an editorial intern to a reporter, breaking news editor to a senior reporter, and down to political correspondent and all these were in a very short time. The beautiful media personality got herself some attention in 2017 when she wrote a piece analyzing the dismissal of former FBI director James Comey. Natasha’s analysis attracted an unprofessional response from former White House special counsel Ty Cobb but Natasha had the Twitter community solidly behind her

Currently, she works with the Atlantic where she resumed duties in 2018. At Atlantic,  Bertrand covers issues bothering intelligence, national security, and foreign policy. She has also been working on an investigation on Donald Trump’s secret alleged ties with Russia in the U.S presidential elections and she’s been giving insightful information from the beginning of the investigation.

Asides from working with Atlantic and the several investigations she might be into, Natasha Bertrand also works as a reporter on NBC news and makes appearances on MSNBC.

Natasha Bertrand Net Worth

Her net worth is currently estimated at about $400,000. With the way her career is progressing; attaining one milestone after the other, that figure will definitely increase in the coming years all things being equal.

Natasha Bertrand – Biography, Age, Married, Husband, Height
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Is She Married? Who Is Her Husband?

There have been speculations about Natasha’s relationship status. Some people think she’s married while some think she’s not. Although Natasha Bertrand loves to keep her private life away from the media and apart from her career, she has not been able to achieve that completely as the media would continue to poke her nose.

It is widely known that she’s in a relationship with a former U. S army veteran, Bryan Coxwell. Although details of how they met are unknown, the two seem to have found love in each other’s arms as they’ve been seen sharing photos of themselves on their social media platforms. They are not married yet but a wedding bell could be jingling soon enough.

Bryan is an Ohio native who lives in New York. He currently works as a security contractor and engineer.

Her Height And Other Facts

1. Natasha stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches which is about 1.73m. Well, although, many may not consider her so tall, she sure does feel comfortable with her height.

2. She has consistently maintained a modest weight of 53kg (117pounds).

3. Natasha Bertrand is popular not just in the circular world but on her social media pages too. She has above 250,000 followers on Twitter and above 5,000 followers on Instagram and despite her fame, she has managed to keep herself away from professionally dangerous rumors.

4. She unwinds by reading and traveling to exciting places.