Nia-Malika Henderson Wiki, Bio, Married, Husband, Age

Nia-Malika Henderson Wiki, Bio, Married, Husband, Age

Nia-Malika Henderson is one of the several journalists who gathered vast knowledge in the field working for full-fledged media outlets known across the globe.

Presently, she is a senior political reporter for the Cable News Network (CNN). She covers politics, policies, and people shaping Washington for the American television news channel.

If you don’t know her from her reports for CNN’s platforms, then you must have noticed her in the network’s “Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” or “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” which regularly appears as a panel member of the CNN discussion programs.

Nia-Malika Henderson Wiki/Bio/Age

Nia-Malika Henderson celebrated her birthday on the 7th of this month (July). According to records, she was born in 1974.

In 1992, she graduated from Lower Richland High School in Hopkins, South Carolina. Henderson later graduated from Duke University with a bachelor’s degree in literature and cultural anthropology. She went on and earned a master’s degree in American studies from Yale University. Afterward, she bagged another master’s degree in journalism. This time, from Columbia University.

Nia-Malika Henderson CNN/Career

Before Nia-Malika Henderson joined CNN in 2015, she was a national political reporter for The Washington Post. She established herself as a guru in reporting politics as she among other things, covered the White House, the 2012 presidential campaign, the 2010 midterm elections, and anchored The Post’s Election 2012 blog.

Henderson’s resume wouldn’t be adequate if it didn’t highlight that she covered the first two years of Barrack Obama’s administration for Politico. Disregarding that, she’s also highly regarded for being Newsday’s lead reporter who covered Obama’s 2008 campaign, the Democratic primary race, and the Democratic National Convention.

However, all those were not the works that brought her close to the Pulitzer Prize in 2005. It was a series on the history of hip hop and, Nia-Malika Henderson was a member of the Newsday team entitled as a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in explanatory reporting.

Nia-Malika Henderson Wiki, Bio, Married, Husband, Age

But, before Newsday, The Baltimore Sun existed for Nia-Malika. she worked as a writer for the media house.

True, Henderson only joined the Cable News Network in 2015. Nonetheless, the network has given her credits, acknowledging her coverage of the 2016 election, the Presidential transition, President Donald Trump’s administration, and the Democratic party.

CNN also recognizes her for her report during the 2016 election season. She actively covered the Democratic and Republican candidates. Particularly, CNN is pleased with the way she covered “Bernie Sanders’s insurgent campaign, Ben Carson’s unlikely bid and Donald Trump’s realignment of the Republican Party.”

Nia-Malika Married/Husband

Much is not known about Nia-Malika Henderson’s personal life. It is quite obvious she has perfectly guarded information her fans would like to know about her away from the public space while she worked hard to provide stories about political happenings and make them readily available for consumption.

Apart from Information about her career which is abundant, the details about where Nia-Malika Henderson grew up, her parents, siblings are hard to come by.

This is also true for information about her love life. It has all been left to speculations and rumors.

Not long past, it started circulating that Nia-Malika Henderson is dating Glenn Beck. Beck is also a media personality. He’s well known as the television and radio host who founded the Mercury Radio Arts. He created the media platform in 2002 to be the parent company of various kinds of media outlets.

There is no substance, whatsoever to the tale about Glenn Beck being Nia-Malika Henderson’s secret husband. The CEO, owner, and founder of the Mercury Radio Arts met his first wife, Claire some years before 1983. Beck and Claire later married and had two daughters, Mary and Hannah. However, the couple divorced in 1994 due to Beck’s struggles with drugs.

Five years later, in 1999 Beck married his second wife, Tania. It is known that Beck and his current wife Tania are parents to two children – Raphe and Cheyenne, and, were living with all Beck’s children.

One would have assumed Nia-Malika Henderson secretly dated Beck when he hosted a nightly news-commentary show for CNN. But, that was between 2006 and 2008. Henderson was nowhere near CNN then.

With the foregoing, it’s safe if not right to say Nia-Malika Henderson has never been married to anyone. If she’s dating someone, she has successfully denied the public the information.