Is Nikko Jenkins Dead Yet? Where Is He Now And What Did He Do?

Nikko Jenkins started having run-ins with the police as early as age 7 and had spent his childhood jumping from one criminal offence to another. He is an American-born spree killer who claimed to have carried out all his horrible actions and violence in accordance with what the Old Egyptian snake god Apophis told him.

He committed several criminal activities in Omaha Nebraska from when he was first discovered at the age of 7, up until age 15, when he committed more violence and assaults and got a 21 years jail term. Nikko spent only 10 and a half years of his sentence in solitary state in the prison and was released afterward.

Just after his release from prison on the 30th of July 2013, Nikko Jenkins blamed the law for letting him back on the streets without helping him deal with his demons, hence, he committed more crimes, including 4 counts of 1st-degree murder within a short period of time. Subsequently, he was found guilty, deemed fit severally to face trial and was sentenced to death in 2017. Is Nikko Jenkins dead yet or is he still sitting on a death row? Let’s explore the facts.

What Did Nikko Jenkins?

Nikko Allen Jenkins, an American, was born to David A. Magee and Lori Jenkins on the 16th of September 1986 in Colorado. Allen had been a violent young man from childhood and committed several assaults, including bringing a handgun to his elementary school at the age of 7. For this act, he was taken to the criminal justice system where he spent most part of his early years. By 2003, he was sent to prison and despite being confined; he committed more offences and was charged for it, leading to a sentence of 21 years in jail.

After spending half of his 21 years of prison time, Jenkins was released from prison and within the space of 10 days; he committed 4 murders in Omaha Nebraska, killing different people and robbing them at different locations. He claimed that he committed the hideous crimes at the command of an Old Egyptian snake god, Apophis. Nikko Jenkins, on August 11, 2013, killed 2 people named; Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge C. Cajiga Ruiz in a pickup truck near 18th and F Streets. Both victims were killed by shooting them in the head.

With his killing spree activated, Nikko went ahead to kill a friend he met in prison named. The friend, Curtis Bradford, was found dead near a detached garage on the 19th of the same month of August when the first two murders were carried out. In the same month, just two days after killing his friend Curtis, Jenkins also killed another woman named; Andrea Kruger, giving her several shots in the middle of the road on 168th street, near Fort Street.

Following the spree killings, Jenkins was arrested and he confessed to the crimes committed, saying he had done the killing to please the Old Egyptian snake god Apophis. He was subsequently charged for four counts of murder.

Deemed fit to face trial, Nikko Jenkins was found guilty by Judge Peter Bataillon and sentenced to death in May 2017.

Is Nikko Jenkins Dead, Where Is He?

Jenkins was granted permission to represent himself during trial after he was deemed fit, he claimed to be acting under the influence of his snake god Apophis, playing all manners of pranks in the courtroom. He also claimed that he has a mental illness that influenced the crimes he committed. But, on the 16th of April, 2014, he was found guilty of the 4 murders by Judge Peter Bataillon.

His sentence was scheduled for August 11, 2014, but was later delayed to be sure he understood the death penalty proceedings against him. However, on the 9th of July, before his sentencing proceeding, the Judge gave a command that Allen be kept at a psychiatric hospital and checked by doctors to certify his condition but due to insufficient security at the hospital, he was rejected. The Lincoln prison doctors later agreed to treat him in prison and he was eventually sentenced to death in May 2017.

According to reports, the death row inmate, Nikko Allen Jenkins is not dead yet, but back in the medical ward after a recent suicide attempt made by him.