Ray Romano Wife, Kids, Brother, Family, Height, Net Worth

Ray Romano Wife, Kids, Brother, Family, Height, Net Worth

Ray Romano will probably go down in history as the guy who made everyone fall in love with the sitcom series Everybody Loves Raymond.

Raymond Albert Romano was born on the 21st of December, 1957 to Italian immigrants who settled in New York. The young Ray Romano attended elementary and middle school at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills New York. He finished high school at Hillcrest High School in 1975 after he transferred from Archbishop Molloy High School.

He decided for a brief period to further his education by attending Queen’s College, a college in Flushing, New York where he majored in Accounting. The Johnnie Walker comedy search was the platform that offered Ray his springboard as a young rookie in the comedy business.

Ray Romano Rise To Fame

His appearances were aired on the Comedy Channel. Earlier in his career, he was a guest on the show Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist. Ray was a contestant on a stand-up comedy talent search known as the Star Search. But shortly after his career took a downturn when he was fired by American Television sitcom News Radio, he hit a goldmine as the star character on Everybody Loves Raymond which was aired on the CBS Channel.

A close look at his character in Everybody Loves Raymond will show that there is a huge similarity between himself and the character portrayed. The show has found a subtle way of fusing Ray’s real-life family into the cast of the movie. His twin boys on the show were named after his own twins in real life named Gregory and Matthew.

But later it became a huge inconvenience to have all his children onset and he immediately decided to change the names of the twins to Geoffrey and Michael and aside from the change in names, he also stated that his brother was not happy with the role of Ray Baron’s TV brother.

The plot of the series is centered around the family life of an Italian American man who finds it challenging to take charge of his home, he rather prefers to stand aloft while his wife is caught up in family tangles. The character of the extended family members adds a layer of comedy to the plot.

This sitcom set him up and put him on the map, earning him rave reviews as well as six Emmy nominations which he won in 2002 as well as two Golden Globe Award nominations. Aside from being an outstanding comedian, Ray was also featured on the 2000 episode of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” where he won $125,000.

His show in 2004 had broken the record of having the highest budget of $3.9 billion and he followed that up earlier that same year when he became the highest-earning actor in history for his role as Raymond.

Ray Romano Wife, Kids, Brother, Family, Height, Net Worth
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Ray Romano Family, Brothers, Wife, and Kids

Ray Romano got married to his wife, Anna Scarpulla in 1987. Anna was born on February 24, 1963. The pair met while they were working at a bank together. Ray did come out openly and confirmed that his wife battled with stage one breast cancer after the doctor discovered a lump in her breast at age 48.

Ray has had a long and fruitful marriage and has been blessed with four children. His first daughter Alexandra Romano, twin boys Gregory and Matthew Romano, and his last son Joseph Romano.

Ray’s mother was a Piano teacher named Lucie Romano while his father Albert Romano was a Real Estate Agent. He also had an older brother Richard Romano who was a sergeant with the NYPD, the last of the Romano boys is Robert – a second-grade teacher at a school in New York City.

Net Worth, How Rich Is He?

Ray Romano, the stand-up comedian turned actor was once the highest-earning actor; that was in 2004. He made a fortune when he lent his voice to the first animation sequel – Ice Age in 2002 which grossed around $383 million.

Romano also followed it up by also voicing the upcoming sequels Ice Age: Meltdown which grossed around $651.8 million, and finally in Ice Age: Age of Dinosaurs which grossed $884 million worldwide. The Ice Age sequel remains the highest-grossing animation in history which contributed to his net worth at the moment estimated at a staggering $130 million.


Ray stands at about 6 feet 2 inches (188cm) and weighs around 82-kilograms.