Samantha Marie Olit, Chester Bennington’s Ex-Wife – Bio, Family, Facts

Samantha Marie Olit, Chester Bennington’s Ex-Wife – Bio, Family, Facts

Most people easily identify with Samantha Marie Olit as the woman who was once married to Chester Bennington, the punk rock star who took his life in July 2017. But then, there is more to the woman than just being the ex-wife of the late musician. While she is a popular American singer admired for her unquestionable talent, Samantha has equally thrived as a life coach, a blogger, and a talent manager.

Following the death of her ex-husband in 2017, Marie gained more public attention for reasons that are quite controversial. Read more about this below including a detailed description of her life and career.

Samantha Marie Olit – Bio

Samantha Marie Olit was born somewhere in Detroit, Michigan on the 1st of December 1971. The American musician takes pride in regarding herself as Punk Rock Mother Teresa, she believes music runs in her blood as she hasn’t been a stranger to studios since she was only 7. As you will get to learn, singing worked a major miracle for Samantha when she was a kid, making it difficult for her to let go of it.

As a teenager and thus far, Samantha has been around friends who were in bands and those who are part of the entertainment industry at large. Considering that, it wasn’t a big surprise when she founded SAM Records, an independent label that has groups like the South African alternative rock band, The Narrow, signed to it.

Sometime in 2005, she created Rythm Kittens, a group of female dancers. Even as this was quite a successful dance troupe, it didn’t stop Samantha from chasing after other interests. She soon established herself as a talent manager in other to soothe her passion for helping people become successful. This was apparently not enough for the musician as she went back to school in 2007 so as to furnish her life coaching skills.

Samantha Marie Olit would later create a television show and also get into recording meditation CDs for children. That’s not all, she equally became a blogger. Working with Magazine as a writer and an editor, she has expressed that being a blogger has afforded her a greater chance to reach out to people and impact their lives meaningfully.

Her Family

Samantha was adopted when she was still a lass and almost nothing is known about her biological parents even though it has been reported in some quarters that her biological maiden name is Cherri Norma Loukas. Like her biological parents, information about Samantha’s adoptive parents are hard to come by, but it is known that she had a fine relationship with them and that they never had issues raising her as their true child.

Samantha Marie Olit, Chester Bennington’s Ex-Wife – Bio, Family, Facts
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The first time Samantha Marie Olit found herself in a music studio, it was a next-door neighbor’s in-home studio and she was only 7. It happened that her adopted mother was sick and hospitalized, so Samantha went to the studio and recorded a “get well” song for her dying mother. Unknown to her, she had been pronounced dead. Nevertheless, Samantha’s grandmom made the doctors play the recording; when they did, her fingers moved and she ultimately recovered. The story was a piece of big news reported by various media outlets.

Samantha got married to Chester Charles Bennington in 1996, which was also the year she met the late musician in Arizona. Chester was part of a local band named Grey Daze when they met and, it is believed that she helped in pushing the late singer’s career forward. Among other things, she encouraged him to join Linkin Park when the opportunity came knocking in 1998.

The union which kicked off on the 31st of October 1996 couldn’t survive a decade as the two divorced in 2005. Nonetheless, they had a son together; his name is Draven Sebastian Bennington and he was born on the 19th of April 2002.

Facts About Chester Bennington’s Ex-wife

1. Her ex-husband was found dead by his housekeeper at his home in California. His death was later ruled as a case of suicide by hanging.

2. Not long ago, she sued her late husband’s estate specifying that the late rock star owes up to $500,000 in child support that he didn’t pay.

3. Samantha Marie Olit was displeased with the funeral service of her ex-husband. Particularly with the exclusion of her son from the proceedings.

4. In addition to being a life coach, Samantha is a certified Advanced DNA Theta Healer.

5. Samantha Marie Olit is 5 feet 2 inches tall and good-looking. Her brown eyes and wavy hair of the same color further accentuate her looks.

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